Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My almost-favorite day

Ahhh. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

I love Wednesdays because it is my Sunday.

Well, it's no Sunday, but it's my day off of work. Catch-up day, usually spent running around like a maniac, but nevertheless the fact that I don't have to go to work is nice.

Of course, it is marred by my most hated chore of the week: my big supermarket shopping.

The supermarkets in Israel rival those in the US in their sophistication. They are huge. They have thousands of products lining their aisles. They sell everything. Really, it's one stop shopping. You can buy fresh meat at the butcher, fresh fish, fresh cheese and REALLY fresh bread at the bakery. At some supermarkets you can load up on washing machines and toaster ovens as well. You can even buy your underwear.

I'm not complaining about the actual shopping experience. That's fine (if only my great country could figure out how to make the shopping cart wheels roll properly). It's everything else:

Standing in line at check-out. Packing up your stuff and feeling pressure to do it quickly because the cashier can't start adding up the next customer until you're finished packing up. (But I thumb my nose at that and do what I have to do). Loading it all in the aforementioned-shopping cart. Loading it into the trunk of your car. Unloading it into the elevator. Leaving the stuff in the elevator while you park the car in its spot. Unloading it into the house. Unloading it into the fridge, freezer and various cabinets.

You get my point here, I'm sure.

The whole project takes up a good portion of my Wednesdays. Still, it's so much better than having to do all of this in the evening, after work. Last week I went shopping at night and it was awful. It was a Wednesday night, and the store was crowded. I was surprised at how many families were shopping together, with little kids in tow. I'd rather go to the dentist.

So tomorrow is Wednesday. I will face my weekly shop with grace and courage. And return home to a nice, quiet house where the crisp smell of fresh laundry ready to be folded awaits.

Now there's a chore I can sink my teeth into.


Commenter Abbi said...

Mishlochim (Delivery). I couldn't live without them. I started in J-m when I didn't have a car or elevator. I cannot go back, despite currently having a car and elevator.

I happen to love Shufersal challah. It's the best, better than most standalone bakeries around here.

Mrs. S. said...

You can buy fresh meat at the butcher, fresh fish, fresh cheese and REALLY fresh bread at the bakery. -- And they're all kosher to boot!

And I hear you on the shopping cart wheels...

Robin said...

Abbi beat me to it. Repeat after me - I want a mishloach please.

They bag, they load, they deliver. You stand there, and then leave and go on about your other errands. For big sales the price even drops making it absolutely positively worth it, no second thought. Try it, you'll never go back.

OneTiredEma said...

What is UP with the wheels? Seriously, greatest scientists in the world and not a single cart will go straight?

Taxman's office building is right above a Shufersal Deal. Some nights he totes a baguette home on the train to go with soup!

Commenter Abbi said...

Robin: We have to stop agreeing all the time on these J-blogs. Pple will start to get suspicious. ;)

And Baila, I agree with Robin agreeing with me. Get thee some mishlochim. Stop shlepping groceries and go have a coffee instead.

Gila Rose said...

ohmigod i am so so so so so with you. i don't mind the actual shopping and putting things in the cart - it's everything ELSE!!!! ahhhh! and the putting away! i HATE that!!! let us commiserate together.

Rachel said...

Sounds like delivery is the way to go, but, if not, can't you time your arrival home w/ that of your kids' school dismissal and make them shlep everything inside for you?

JJ said...

I hate shopping AND laundry!!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Baila: What do you think of the *new* Rami Levi at Tzomet Shilat?

I got there almost every week...

Baila said...

Abbi and Robin,

I know I should splurge on the 20 or so shek they charge for mishlochim, and I do occasionally. But our local supermarket I still have to bag and load the stuff into the delivery boxes. And the delivery guys will not put the stuff in the cabinets no matter how much I plead and beg.

Mrs. S.,

I love that about living here.


We should start some kind of campaign about those darn shopping carts.


Should we hire personal shoppers? And I know how fun it must be for you doing it with the little ones!


That was fun, running into you at Rami Levi today and Supersol last week. Where shall we shop next week?


I love laundry, but that's another post.


I have to admit it is 1,000 percent better than the old store. It is very convenient for me to stop there on my way home from work in Kiryat Sefer, so I may become more of a regular there. Now, if only they would do something about the shopping carts...

Commenter Abbi said...


It's still worth it, even if you have to put the stuff away.

And I pack my own cartons because it just goes faster.