Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rooting for the Yankees

Ahh, the things I learn living here in the Holy Land. It's all that multi-culturalism, right here in Modi'in.

My Aussie friend, Ilana, has informed me that "rooting", which in American English (no we didn't create the language, but we did perfect it) is a nasty, naughty, dirty word Down Under.

Yeah, well, mate, put one on the barbie for me, will ya? And hold the vegemite stuff. After all my rooting, if you will, the New York Yankees have won their 27th world series. They continue to be the winningest team in baseball, probably are the winningest team in the world.

What's that, the rest of you say? Of course, they are, their salaries are the highest anywhere. My, my. You must be a Boston Red Sox fan. And you're feeling bitter. Very bitter. Quit your whinging (that's whining for those of you who don't speak Australian) and accept the fact that the curse is back in place.

And to a certain family where the boys outnumber the girls 4-1 (can't count Bunny, don't know what it is), we miss you all terribly. But we'll be expecting our congratulatory call from you anytime soon.
To the greatest team in baseball, no in America, congratulations. We had a great time watching and rooting for you.

[Can you name all the players pictured? Bonus points if you can tell me which one doesn't belong and why].


Anonymous said...

who cares what their names are? they are way overpaid, it is just not fair to any of the other teams in the league who cant compete with them.

by the way bunny is also boy and so is Tuxy, i just cant seem to ever win in the gender game.

nw and all the met fans she lives with.

Staying Afloat said...

Petite, Posada, Rivera. Posada's a catcher, the other two are pitchers.

Yankees win! Theeeeeeeee Yankees win.

We haven't slept a whole lot in the Afloat household these past weeks. I'm half-glad they won so we don't have any more games to watch.

Baila said...

Anon--My, my, my. As I said, "bitter"....

Afloat--for some reason the last picture didn't come out, so I added a different one with the same players. There are 5 players altogether and 4 of them have something in common. I'm sure you know the answer, you sound like a dedicated (and not bitter!) fan.

OneTiredEma said...

Jeter, Mo, Andy, and Jorge have been the core of the Yankee team (we're not going to discuss Andy's years in TX) and were together the last time they won the Series (2000).


Baila said...


Yes! And the four of them have 5 World Series Rings from the Yankees.