Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is weird

What do you make of this?

Today, Wednesday,(remember? my almost-favorite day?) is my day off. The weather is refreshingly perfect these days and I decided to go for a long walk with Ozzy. On the way back, a car stopped and asked me for directions to a nearby street. After giving them to him in a fairly competent manner, I continued with my trek. Several seconds later another driver rolled down his window and stopped me:

(Do I even have to mention that all of this took place in Hebrew?)

Man: Ehhhhhm, giveret (lady), I am a policeman. That car that just asked you for directions--where is he going.

[That's funny. You don't look much like a policeman. Are you undercover? And why is your "partner" in the passenger seat dozing? Hmmm.]

Me: Excuse me?

Man: (speaking slowly--did he hear my American accent from just one word?) The car before me that stopped you for directions--where did he want to go? I'm a policeman.

[Let's freeze right here for a while.]

Don't you think this is strange? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Before I tell you what I did, I want to know what you would have done. Would you have told this guy? Or moved on?

This enquiring mind wants to know.


Anonymous said...

I watch as much tv as you do. So i would have asked him for credentials. woudl not have told him.

Anonymous said...

Did you ask for some sort of identification?

Robin said...

How utterly bizarre, and more than a little creepy. I'd have asked for identification before telling him anything too.

SuperRaizy said...

Yeah, Baila, I agree with Robin. And anyway, a true Israeli would have yelled at him to mind his own business and called him a dirty name. I hope that's what you did.

Gila Rose said...

I love how you broke up the story into two posts. Building suspense, eliciting conversation, AND bringing you one day closer to finishing nabloplomoshoko. Kol hakavod!

mother in israel said...

I agree with Gila. You are so lucky to have had this happen to you this month. Only I think you could make three or four posts out of it, if you really tried. I think I would have also asked for ID.

Anonymous said...

I am with everybody else, I'd have asked for credentials.

Mrs. S. said...

As my Heblish-speaking kids would say, I'm in metach!

What did you end up doing?

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