Saturday, November 21, 2009

I got nuthin'

I'm pooped out. Uninspired. Sure, two of my three kids are G-d knows where. Tonight is a big night in Bnei Akiva. New Shevet got their name (Mazal Tov, Shevet Lehava!)* My kids, who are not in the new shevet are out celebrating at barbeques and in the park. Tomorrow my three princesses will sleep in, while I get up to help bring home the bacon (soy only, of course).

But tonight, I got nuthin'. Except for a picture I took in Jerusalem the other night. This thing was so huge, it left the cat category and moved into the lion one:

I know it's not a great shot, but like I said, nuthin'.

I'll be back again tomorrow.

In the meantime, wishing you all a good week.

*I explained all about Bnei Akiva and the new shevet name here.


Staying Afloat said...

Wow- shevet names. Haven't thought about that in ages, though I still remember mine (Shevet Haroeh- woohoo!). Lehava is a cool name.

I'm sort of worried about this cat. Something about the facial expression seriously disturbs me...

OneTiredEma said...

Someone in my ulpan has a son in the new shevet--they went to the beach and came home at 7 am. This is a new oleh family from Canada. Dad is not pleased. I am glad that this is far off for me...