Friday, November 20, 2009

How can anyone ever be that desperate for Bamba?

Bamba, in case you didn't know is Israel's unofficial national snack (actually, it may even be official, for all I know). Basically, bamba is a cheese doodle without that ghastly orange cheese flavor that I love. Instead it has a ghastly peanut butter flavor with the texture of the Herr's cheese doodle. As soon as Israeli kids are weaned, they graduate to Bamba. I believe a gajillion bags of the stuff are sold annually. Last year, they came out with a chocolate stuffed Bamba that really was disgusting. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

You get my point. Israeli's love their Bamba. Still an item I read in the Jerusalem Post this morning had me scratching my head in disbelief. I couldn't find it on the website, so I'm taking time to type out the item here:

Bamba Burglar Busted

A 35-year-old Beersheba resident with a strong late-night craving for bamba recently picked the lock and broke the door of a store across from his home in order to get some of the peanut-flavored snack. He ravaged the store until he found a bag of bamba and then proceeded to consume the contents of the bag, exited the store and left the packet behind.

The next morning the store owner discovered that his shop had been broken into and the only thing stolen was the bag of bamba. The owner contacted the Beersheba police, who came to the site and took fingerprints from the empty bag. These were matched up the fingerprints of a man the store owner identified as a frequent purchaser of large amounts of bamba.

On Wednesday the Beersheba police department claims bureau filed charges against the defendant, who was released on bail. His case is scheduled to be heard in court in the near future. "I'm crazy about Bamba," the defendant told investigators. "I was hungry and all the stores were closed, so I broke into one of them."

Crazy about Bamba, indeed.

Shabbat Shalom, and have a great weekend.


mother in israel said...

Great find, Baila. The judge should let him off on a defense of incurable Bamba addiction. Shabbat shalom.

Unknown said...

I love Bamba. It's the only reason I made children - so that I'd have an excuse to buy the stuff.
"Hi, my name is QuietusLeo, and I'm a Bambaholic."

Anonymous said...

I recently put a Bamba post on my blog. Maybe there could be a Bamba carnival.

Baila said...

Shabbat Shalom, all!

Leo--the crime did happen in Beersheba. Hmmmmm...

SuperRaizy said...

That's a riot!
Maybe Osem orchestrated the break-in? it would be great publicity for their product.

Robin said...

Okay, that is seriously out there.

You really have a knack for finding the bizarre this month Baila, NaBloPoMo has been good to you :).

JJ said...

A "gajillion" bags, eh? Yeah, that sounds about right! LOL

Personally, I hate the stuff. Give me Cheetos any day. My kids, of course, love it.

Funny article- I couldn't help but laugh at the whole "taking fingerprints from the empty Bamba bag" thing.

Shana said...

I was recently the recipient of a lovely package of treats from a friend in Israel. Imagine my shock and horror as I popped the cheese doodle in my mouth only to discover there was no fake cheesy deliciusness to be had. I do not *get* Bamba.

HolyCityPrayer said...

Hi Baila!

Tesyaa, I understand the word carnival in the blog post reference, but it should/would be called a mesibamba, the name of the product that has about 50 pounds of bamba in it, for gan parties and the like.

BTW, did anybody get "bamba" as their captcha word verification?