Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ozzy's new companion

This morning Ozzy started barking like the maniac he can be at the porch door. I went over to look for the cat he was probably reacting to, but saw nothing. I gave him my usual scolding and walked away. He continued to growl and then began barking again. Isaac went to check and was surprised to find this hanging out on our porch:

Where this little guy came from, we have no idea.

We decided not to make the same mistake we made when we were naming Ozzy and call this pet Marianito, after the greatest relief pitcher to ever grace this good earth. We found a box to give him a home and started to integrate him into the family.

Ozzy, after realizing that Marianito the turtle was a friend and not food, spent the morning getting acquainted.

By lunchtime, Marianito and Ozzy were best buddies:

Now, doesn't Ozzy look happy with his new friend? I predict great things from these two.

(Uhhhhmmmm. If anyone has info about caring for a baby turtle, please let us know. Marianito thanks you in advance).


Gila Rose said...

i'm so not a dog person, but those pictures are too cute! looks like a match made in heaven. (and though i am a born-and-bred baltimorean, i will even overlook the whole yankees thing you got going.)

Rachel said...

Don't have a clue as to how to take care of a turtle, but be forewarned that they are notorious for carrying salmonella.

Robin said...

He's (she's?) very cute, but I can't believe you missed out on the opportunity to name it Harriet. After all, she's (he's? it's?) Ozzy's new buddy.

Baila said...


Yeah, well, Baltimore, ahem...


Well, gee thanks for that bit of information after me and the kids have been fiddling with Mariano all day.


I thought of Harriet, but that's for Ozzy's wife. Not that he can have a wife, but that's another story.

Risa Tzohar said...

When I was in first grade my mother bought us a tiny turtle which we named Tommy. We were not very creative. Tommy didn't like the turtle food from the pet store but did like iceberg lettuce. He ate iceberg lettuce for about 13 years and then my mother decided that it was enough. He was donated to the Bronx Zoo's reptile house where he must have been really surprised to find out he wasn't a person. For all I know he's probably still there.

Unknown said...

My favorite picture is of Ozzy gazing lovingly at his best bud perched on his paw. Love it! What a smart dog!



yes they do carry sam and ella and also they have ticks on the joints as the limbs go into the shell.

your dog is strange cause chippy loved turtles, it tool her a while to figure out how to get inside but once she did, a delicacy!!