Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're back....

Orli's adenoids are now history. Thank G-d everything went smoothly and she is resting comfortably in my bed. (I hope she wiped her feet. I hate it when she gets into my bed with her dirty feet). The procedure was done at Assuta Hospital in Petach Tikva. The whole thing was efficient, the staff caring and gentle, the facility clean and modern. For me, it was painless, for Orli, well she's handling the pain like a trooper.

After the procedure, Orli slept for two hours and I got to watch the Olympics. Unfortunately, the synchronized swimming event was on. How dull. Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with (I think) Dana Carvey doing a synchronized swimming routine? He really hit it on the head with that one. And by the way, the Israelis are pretty into the Olympics. There is coverage on 24/7, in Hebrew, with much focus on the Israeli athletes. So far no medals. What can I say--we are the People of the Book. We win Nobel Prizes. Olympic medals? We'll leave that to the Ruskies, the Chinese and Michael Phelps.

Anyhoo, on the way to the hospital, I saw this:

Look familiar? Thought I was in a different town? Me too.

Yep, this looks like a mini-me version, or the prototype for the controversial Bridge of Strings, recently dedicated in Jerusalem:

My question is this: How many of you knew that this bridge existed in Petach Tikva? And why is it there? Did the world famous Calatrava copy the design? Or did they do a practise run in PT first, just to make sure it would work in Jerusalem? I read somewhere, about the more famous bridge that it is "Jerusalem giving her finger to the world". If that's the case,who is Petach Tikva giving her finger to?

I know some of you out there call PT home. Any info would be appreciated.


I am busy getting ready for the Blogger's Convention. I'm trying to lose 40 lbs. before tomorrow. I'm getting my hair and nails done, picking out my designer ball gown. You know how it is when you have to get ready to walk the red carpet. I am very excited about meeting and greeting my fellow bloggers. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous. I hate walking into a party on my own. I noticed that some spouses of bloggers will be attending, but I didn't even bother to ask my usual date to come with me. He would have, if they let him, but I don't think he would have had such a good time. This blogging thing is my world, not his. So I'm going stag. I'm very curious. Are we all a bunch of geeks who would have no lives if it weren't for our blogs? Are we Trekkies? Or are we super cool? Or are we weirdos who think we're supercool?

I think I've covered enough for today. I'll be back after the party.


Leora said...

So glad to hear "adenoids" part of your week went well. I loved your allusion to the Trekkies. What color ballgown? Who designed it? Get a good night rest.

SuperRaizy said...

Poor Orli. I hope she recovers very quickly.
Losing 40 lbs. by tomorrow shouldn't be much of a problem.
And as to your last question: Well OF COURSE we're super cool, bloggers rock, everyone knows that!
Hope you have a great time at the conference tomorrow. I'll be watching the webcast. Wave to me and I'll wave back to you!

mother in israel said...

I'm going for clean clothes tomorrow, not even sure I can pull that off.
When I go past that bridge at night, and I look at the new buildings like the hospital tower and the electric company, I can almost imagine that PT is a modern city and not what Gila called it a while back.

Baila said...

I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. (about the gown--designer is top secret).


I'm really curious about how they are going to the webcast. You'll be able to see us, but I wont be able to see you??? How will you know its me? (I'll be the one in a designer gown)


But how long has that bridge been there? And is there a connection to the one in J-M?

Baila said...
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Anonymous said...

Please don't forget to tell everyone that you are wearing my design tomorrow!

Badgley Mishka

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your daughter is fine.
All the best for the convention.

mother in israel said...

The bridge is two or three years old. The same architect designed both.

Anonymous said...

can you drive over this bridge or is it just for show.

Glad Orly is doing well.

Have a great time at the convention. Wish i could be there and i don't even have a blog.

I only know you personally so if you are a typical blogger they all must be pretty cool, and very talented. it takes alot to put your feelings and experiences in writing, along with working and taking care of a family ie. your last post. have a blast and say hi to some of my favorite bloggers.