Thursday, August 7, 2008

Orli comes home (tomorrow)....

I haven't even mentioned that she left. I feel a bit guilty about that since I devoted two posts to Liat leaving. Orli went to sleep away camp for two weeks. She cried before getting on the bus. She didn't know anyone going and was very nervous. I was as well. With only two weeks for camp, she didn't have the luxury of a prolonged adjustment period. But she rose to the occasion and has been having a great time since her arrival. A sign of this is the fact that she never calls me. She looks really happy in the pictures on the camp website.

Israelis don't really do sleep away camps. They may have some 2 or three day overnights through the youth movements, but not camp, as in the experience we had when we were kids. The camp Orli went to is quite expensive and I'm not sure we'll be able to swing it next summer.

Tali chose not to go to camp, because all her friends were going for the first session, which was for three weeks. I didn't want to send her for the three week session, because, A. it cost one-third more, and B. if the fun part of the summer is over by July 24, I'm in trouble.

It's worked out well, because Tali has lots of friends here for the summer. They are doing nothing together. It's kinda nice for her. She sleeps late, calls a friend and they meet at someone's house or in the park. They basically just hang out. Last week 9 of them went to Tel-Aviv on the train together. I know you guys in America think it's crazy, but really, this is what's done here. There are some parents here who would not let their kids do it, but nine sets of parents thought it was okay. And it was.

So tomorrow all the seats will be filled at the Shabbat table. And even though it is a time of mourning for our people, I will be smiling for most of the day. All of my girls will be home.


Leora said...

Nice that you are writing about Liat now that she is coming home. Sounds like it will be a nice Shabbat in your home.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your shabbat together. Shabbat shalom.

Anonymous said...

welcome back orli!!!! Maybe you can blog bit about your stay on the kibbutz. we would love to hear about it.


Benji Lovitt said...

Welcome back, kiddos. Getting thru summer camp for the first time is an accomplishment!