Sunday, August 24, 2008


First of all, Haveil Havalim is up at Yehuda's Place. There is a comprehensive round-up of the convention over there. I'm not included, but that's okay. I have no ego anyway. Sniff. Yehuda may or may not be the person who a friend of mine met square dancing, but that is a non-sequitor.

Also, I'm adding a bunch of bloggers to my blogroll. I enjoy their blogs, and you might, too. I met some of them at the convention (and wrote about it here and here). It really was a pleasure to see the faces behind the blogs. Others are blogs I've been meaning to put on the blogroll and am just getting around to it now.

That's it for now. I'm coming up on another anniversary, so I've been writing in my head. Will soon put it in the computer.


aliyah06 said...

WHAT place in Modi'in??!! (follow through from Gila's blog) We're not neighbors any more?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Sorry, I expected that I would miss a few. Please drop a link into the comments on the post.


Baila said...


I think you are confusng me with someone else--we've lived in Modiin since we made Aliyah (in 07).


I was kidding. Really.

EndOfWorld said...

Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog. Even though this Yehuda person didnt include you, I'll add you to my blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

My blogroll is super out of're on the one I read, just not on the one I show publicly...hopefully I'll find a nice easy way to fix that :)

Baila said...


It's okay. It's great if you put me on your blogroll, but I don't really worry about it if you don't. But thank you, EndofWorld for blogrolling me!