Monday, August 11, 2008

A Personal Dilemma

We are kinda, sorta looking for a house. Really an apartment. You may have heard prices here in Modi'in have soared. A few years ago when we first started planning our Aliyah, we thought we could buy a decent place with a small mortgage, after selling our home in Cedarhurst.

That's not what happenned. By the time we got here, prices have spiked. Alot. The obvious choice would be to leave Modi'in. Friends of ours who made Aliyah at the same time we did decided to move to Ginot Shomron, a yishuv in the Shomron. It was a good decision for them; their kids are younger. We don't want to leave Modi'in. The kids are settled, socially (two-thirds of them are, at least) and I don't want to move them again.

We're keeping our eyes and ears open, hoping the dollar will strengthen and the real estate bubble will burst. We are not aggressively looking, but if my friend the realtor hears of something, she calls.

We went to see an apartment the other day. Price was a bit of a stretch but doable. The apartment was beautiful, a 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom duplex. It was very spacious and had a beautiful garden.


It wasn't a great location for us. Far from friends--both the kids and ours. Still, I could probably live with that. What got me is that the apartment is two flights down with no elevator.

Imagine the supermarket shopping. Or our parents coming to visit.


It's a beautiful apartment. We'll never find something this nice at this price.

Today my realtor friend called me. She exerted a bit of pressure on me, telling me we would never find something this nice in our price range. I know she's right.

What would you do?

While you mull that over, you can review Haveil Havalim 177 at Simply Jews. There is lots to keep you busy over there. And once again, thanks to Jack for organizing Haveil Havalim. He's doing a great job. (I promise I'll host another one soon!) I can't wait to meet him at the Convention.


mother in israel said...

That's a tough one. In addition to what you mentioned, what happens if someone breaks a leg? Also, walkups are notoriously hard to sell, especially in a place like Modiin where there probably aren't very many. Groceries are a manageable problem; you get stuff delivered or leave nonperishables in the car till the kids turn up to bring the stuff upstairs.

Leora said...

I liked Modiin, when I visited the park and the pizza place and called you. So it seems like you should stay in the neighborhood, yes, if only because when your blogger friend comes to Hashmonaim again, I can whip over to Modiin again.

About the specific probably know the answer yourself.

Good luck.

And I look forward to your telling us about the Blogger Convention.

RivkA with a capital A said...

If the apartment is not walking distance to the kids friends, then it is not a good solution.

We moved a seven minute drive away from my kids' friends. It was good enough for me, because my friends drive. But a seven minute drive can be a 45 minute busride. And not all my kids ride buses.

Also, you never know when those stairs will "get you."

We moved into an apartment that is one flight down. I often take the stairs, but it's good to have the elevator for when:
1. there are too many groceries, and not enough hands to help (it happens)
2. an injury or other health impediment makes it difficult to walk (God forbid, but it can happen. It happened to me)
3. one day, please God, we will be old and walking might not be so easy. Is that when you want to move? (though you can install one of those chairs that ride up the stairs).

We once had a house guest who broke her leg. If we would not have had an elevator, she would have had to go to a hotel.

Walk ups (or downs) are good for young couples. But if you don't want to move another time, think it through.

One last thought: don't let anyone pressure you, either way.

If your gut say "take it," then listen. And if your gut says "not this," then wait. No one can predict what will be available tomorrow....

(we spent years searching. there was one apartment that I wish we had taken, but MANY that I'm glad we passed by. and we really couldn't afford the one I wish we'd taken....)

RivkA with a capital A said...

ps. good luck making the decision

(glad it's your decision and not mine!)


SuperRaizy said...
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SuperRaizy said...

I'm with Rivka on the whole "listen to your gut" thing. When you are in the apartment, are you happy? Does it feel like it could be home? Did you immediately start decorating it in your mind? Every apt. has positives and negatives. Bottom line- do you think that this apt. works for you and your family?
Good luck with your decision! (And if I ever get to go to Israel again, can I come visit?)

Fern Chasida said...

hi baila,
i think you're at a time and place when you should hold out and not compromise just because the real estate agent thinks it's a great find. you haven't been in israel for that long, there's nothing wrong with renting for a bit longer. you've been around the block and you know what you want and what's good for you and your family. elevator - yes, let's face it, even without considering the parents, we're not getting any younger. and you definitely want to be in a location that's good for you and the girls. though i'm not usually an optimist, i say wait. something even better WILL turn up. (always so much easier to give advice than decide for oneself or take it. LOL)

Anonymous said...

baila, i'm with Fern, don't let anyone pressure you into a decision. If it is the right one you will know it for sure, there seems to be too many buts with this. I have faith in you and Issac, you will do the right thing I am sure.
miss you guys so much!!!!


Anonymous said...

A difficult decision. Maybe you should visit again.
Keep us informed.

Baila said...

Thanks everyone. We will not be putting a bid on this particular apartment. Even though, SR, the apartment felt very right when we were in it (we really did love everything about it), I know that I will hate the two flights, and I will feel terrible when my parents come to visit. Isaac's mother is a frequent visitor, and (B"H) steps are not to much of an issue now, that could change .

No regrets. If we're making this decision, it's meant to be....

Again, thank you all. I'll keep you posted on the hunt...

mother in israel said...

Don't underestimate the pressure of a real estate agent. They are good at their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i came in late in the discussion, just had a similar discussion with Patty at work, don't feel pressured, what you are in now is working for you now. be patient the right thing will come along. just make sure there is a guest room for me.

Jack Steiner said...

The elevator is a big issue. I remember when my eldest was born and we had to walk three flights up and down with groceries, laundry and what have you.

It is not a lot of fun, but it certainly isn't the only consideration.

Excuse me, Jameel sent something waffles over and I am hungry. ;)

Toto said...

I'm laughing b/c I think you were talking about an apt on my street that is just like ours! We have a duplex, 2 floors down, no elevator, etc. etc. I know your decision is made, and really if it didn't feel 100% then it's not. For us, we love it! The only time it's a bit rough is when we need to carry suitcases and stuff UP for a trip, or if we have garbage from the lawn. Otherwise, it's a great place.

Keep looking though, you'll find what feels right and when you do, you'll know it! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

right now i'm listening to "Barefoot in the Park" on CD. And it made me think of you immediately. Their apt is 6 flights up and the setup for many jokes...

Mrs. S. said...

I gather that this is a bit late and you certainly don't need a stranger to validate your decisions, but FWIW, I do think you made the right choice.

But while most everyone else seems to be focusing on the no elevator issue, I think that not being near your and your kids' friends is an even bigger issue.

It's one of those aliyah cliches - "my family is 6000 miles away and so my friends here are like my family" - but I happen to think that it's very true.

Ezzie said...

Wow. I'm sure something else will come up that fits what you want, though...