Sunday, August 31, 2008

Butterflies in my stomach

That time of year. Back to school for the kids. Of course, I'm nervous about how they will do. They have all improved their Hebrew, but academic language is still quite difficult for them. This year more will be expected from them. They have many challenges ahead, as we all do. With G-d's help (and some tutors), they'll be okay. I'm sure you'll get to hear more on the subject as the year progresses.

As for me, I have decided that it's time to return to more full-time work. I am a speech pathologist and have worked with children for many years. In March of this year a job practically fell into my lap and I have been working about 6 hours a week. The administration of the school has asked me to expand my hours and I will be working four fairly full days a week. I'll be home by 3, in time to supervise the homework and cook dinner and be pulled in many different directions.

I'm sure you'll get to hear about that as well.

In other news, I got a 96 on my ulpan test, Ramah (level) Daled (D)--"very high". (I have no idea how The Cheater did on her test). I feel good about how my language skills are developing, although I know I have a long way to go. Joining the work force will only help in that area.

Also, my friend Gila, who will be coming over for some matzoh balls very soon, has Haveil Havalim up. She did a really good job, so go over to her blog and read through it.

It's been a really great first summer in Israel. I am sorry to see it end. I've had a chance to write alot; I'm afraid that my posting will be more infrequent now. But I still intend to read and write and comment. I really do enjoy being part of the blogging community.

So stay tuned.


Leora said...

I'm so glad summer has worked out well for you.

I'm interested to know how speech therapy works if you are trained in English. Does it matter? Will you be working with speakers of both Hebrew and English?

Hope your kids work out ways to feel more adjusted. What are their strengths? What do they like to do the most?

Anonymous said...

Good luck for your job.
Congratulations for your test too!
Concerning their language skills, I'm sure your kids will improve very quickly; a lot of children do especially as they talk with their peers but also palay with them.

Toto said... do you work with Macabi at all? Either way, can you send me an email? s.enteen at


ps. Way to go on the ulpan test! Kol hakavod!

SuperRaizy said...

Great job on the ulpan test and good luck with the new job!

Commenter Abbi said...

With the expanded hours, you are truly entering the realm of Israeli motherhood. I wish you and your kids a lot of luck! I'm sure you'll all pull it off with flying colors.