Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthday Wishes and other musings

Warning: this is going to be a very random, rambling post.

The man of the house celebrated his birthday today. Lunar calendar birthday, that is. I still can't get into the Hebrew date thing. I mean I know the basics like this Sunday is Tisha B'av, but otherwise...old habits die hard.

[This thought just popped into my head. I work in a "charedi" ("ultra-orthodox") facility. Today I saw an old notice up on the bulletin board, it was dated 28 Iyar and then it said, "יום שחרור ירושלים"--Jerusalem Reunification Day. I just thought it was interesting that that particular reference would be made in a charedi place of work.]

But I digress.

No, it's not Ozzy's birthday, it's Isaac's birthday. I tried to make it a nice one, with his mom and sister coming for dinner. He got presents, I baked a cake, the kids made signs, we sang the song, took some pictures and called it a day. (DAY!!)

I was going to write a depressing post about how we're getting older (note: he's getting older than me) and how I worry about him....blah, blah. Or about the pressure of buying him a birthday present.

[Another head pop. I put as my facebook status "wondering what to get the man who has everything for his birthday". My friend CK responded with "the man who has everything? are you shopping for brad pitt?" Isn't CK a riot? If she doesn't already have an anonymous blog, she should definitely start one. Here's how the rest of the conversation on FB went:

Baila: LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! What do you think Angelina gets Brad for his birthday?

CK: I know he's into racecars. But he's so enamored of his kids, she probably gets him the same tacky things we get our husbands... photo keychains, etc.

Baila: Do you think she goes to those stands at the mall for them?

CK: Maybe she just uses the school pictures and slaps them in an acrylic one from Amazing Savings.....

Which leads me to another thought: Did you know that Brad and Angelina got paid 14 MILLION DOLLARS for the first pictures of their newborn twins, Knox and Vivienne, exclusive at People Magazine? 14 MILLION! Their first-born child, Shiloh, only got 4million. Now how do you think that's going to make her feel when she finds out? And as far as I know, the adopted kids got bubkas!]

But now I'm really off topic. Where was I? Oh, Isaac's birthday. עד מאה ועשרים, (until 120) honey!

Shoot! I missed Orli's birthday! Not in real life, but over here on the blog (although I have to say that I'm beginning to confuse the two). She turned 11 while she was away at camp. She is on Kibbutz Shluchot and is having the time of her life. I miss that kid so much. Can you believe my baby is 11?

Since this has been such a weird post, I might as well take care of some b--

Wait!!! It's 11:30!!!! My friend Benji told me to go check out Channel 1 at 11:30...I'll be back soon, don't want to miss this, even though I don't know exactly what I might miss....

Wow. Benji was interviewed on Channel 1 about the upcoming NBN Blogger's Conference and about being an oleh. IN HEBREW, ON NATIONAL TV!!!! I am so impressed. You are so cute in real life, Bahn. You did great. I kept waiting for you to mention me and my itty-bitty blog, but there's always your second interview. The guy did say he had a feeling he'd be seeing you again. You didn't look nervous at all. Were you? Nice plug for your blog and the convention. That thing is going to be bigger than the upcoming Olympics.

Where was I?

Can't remember. I'm going to sleep.


SuperRaizy said...

OK, Baila, it's time to put down the joint and open the windows to clear out the smoke.
I hope you really did go to sleep after writing that post. I'm exhausted just reading it.
Please tell Isaac that your blog friend Raizy wishes him a happy birthday.

Leora said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac.

And I hope you are reading this after a good night sleep, Baila. I like rambling posts; they're real, like streams of consciousness. But if you quiz me on the details, I'm afraid I will fail.

Anonymous said...

To our dear friend Isaac Feliz cumple anyos. We miss you and wish we could celebrate with you.

Baila, is that icing on the cake. If it is, it looks so shiny and smooth. Was it from scratch (then i want the recipe)or a can.

RE: Shiloh only getting $4 mil. If you think about it, $14 mil for twins thats $7 mil a piece and considerin that the value of the dollar has gone down, well then I think we are about even.
BTW my sister is getting People magazine again so when I'm done they are going to you.
RE: Bogger's conference I wish i could be there and i don't even have a blog. Please take pictures so we can see everyone too.
That was my disjointed response to your "weird blog"
Layla tov

Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot to sign previous comment
love Sharon and Gordon

Benji Lovitt said...

Thanks, Baila! Was nervous and stressed a few hours beforehand (also because of my new driving tendencies) but the interview was pure fun...going to respond to you on my blog also. : )

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Everyone knows that Benji rocks!

Anonymous said...

that ck really is a riot, i was LOL last week at work after reading one of her emails and my office mate really wanted to know what was so funny. I told her she wouldn't appreciate it without knowing the cast of characters in volved in the email.

Big birthday hugs Issac!!!!

Lets Go METS!!!!


Baila said...


FYI, it was something much stronger than a join :} [it was tylenol PM]


And if you think I remember what I wrote.....


the icing is made from scratch. it involves much sugar. ill get you the recipe.


It's nice to know you're still visiting the little people. :-)


He really does. Did you see the interview, or were you to busy watching Serugim again?


She really is. I keep telling her to start a blog.
Mets have dropped to third place, sorry to report that to you. They've been playing bad ever since your son came to our house for Shabbat. I think he has to come back to lift this particular curse.


Anonymous said...

A nice rambling post. You can treat us again.

Anonymous said...

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