Monday, August 10, 2009

Second Annual Jewish Blogger's Convention

I hadn't thought there was going to be a repeat performance, since I hadn't heard anything, but low and behold the Second Annual Jewish Blogger's Convention will be taking place on September 13. This year it's practically a whole day's event, with different "workshops" and then the convention afterwards. I've already registered. Have you?

The thing about the workshops is that you have to make a choice between "monetizing your blog"--using your blog and other social media outlets to promote yourself, or listening to some really great bloggers. I want to do both! That's a really tough choice to make...

But noone has to choose at the convention and I was thrilled to see that Benji is going to perform. That should be fun.

I had a great time at last year's convention, and wrote about it here, here, and here. At the time I wrote a list of suggestions for this year's event, which I'll repeat in case any of the planners are listening:

1. I think most bloggers wanted more "meet and greet" time.
2. Bibi was a fun surprise, but he spoke way to long. [Is he the best we've got for Prime Minister? Sigh.] I personally wanted to hear more from the panelists, and from Frum Satire--whose comedy routine brought a chuckle or two.
3. The panelists should probably have had more direction in what they were going to speak about. It was all quite vague and general. Any tips they gave about increasing traffic were pretty basic stuff, even for a computer illiterate like me.
4. I personally would have liked to have more interaction with the bloggers who were participating via the web.
5. A waffle maker for a raffle? The only one hoping to win was Jameel (who still owes a bunch of us some waffles).
6. Food was good, but we definitely needed Russian dressing for the turkey.

This year there is a charge of 50 shekel for the event. Last year the event was free, and I hope they're not charging because I might have stupidly said out loud, "Wow, this is a nice spread....and it's free!!" I don't mind paying the money, I'm sure it doesn't cover the cost of organizing such an event, but please don't forget the Russian dressing!

So which one of you are attending?

And Modi'in bloggers: can I hitch a ride with any of you (I'd be happy to split the gas)? I don't think my clunker car can do those Jerusalem hills anymore.

Click here to register for the convention.


SuperRaizy said...

I still remember last year when you said hi to me on camera. That was pretty cool.

rutimizrachi said...

Looking forward to seeing you there again, dear lady. :-)

Leora said...

And I remember last year when you said hi to SuperRaizy AND me on camera. That *was* pretty cool.


OneTiredEma said...

I totally want to go but have a funny feeling I will be in ulpan.

rutimizrachi said...

OneTiredEma: There are very few reasons to cut an ulpan class. This may qualify, IMHO, as one. Meeting fellow bloggers, walking away with new wisdom and the feeling that yes, I am in a community of fellows, I am a writer!, is soul-fuel that can carry you through an entire year. Hope to see you there. (I'll be happy to write an absence-note to your teacher...)

OneTiredEma said...

In the second week, though? :) Would also have to sort out babysitting. This would make up for moving out of NYC 12 months before BlogHer comes.

westbankmama said...

G-d willing I will be going too!

Anonymous said...

please post pics, love to see the faces behind the blogs.

Anonymous said...

sorry didn't sign above

Batya said...

I've already registered. Strange that they haven't announced Jerusalem venue yet. I'll be missing the early part, since I was asked to substitute teach, and on Sundays I'm supposed to teach until 3. Maybe they'll find some excuse to cancel lessons...
f2f u!