Monday, May 4, 2009

Things must be pretty bad at the blog if I've resorted to talking about the weather

Last night, I was awakened at 3 a.m. by howling winds and the clanging sound of a gate swinging open and closed. When I went to the window to investigate, my head was almost sucked out by the air pressure. I have never seen such wind--and dust--blowing over all the place. The umbrella of our outdoor furniture had been left open and was straining against the wind. I woke up Isaac to close it and set it down on the floor. Of course, he was thrilled to be woken up, but really, who can sleep through that kind of racket anyway? Yeah, well don't bother answering that. Let's just say that Isaac is a very talented sleeper.

Anyway, he was quite a site, detaching the umbrella in his boxer shorts. When he was done, he came back to bed and promptly fell asleep. The man is the Baryshnikov of sleeping.

Which left me to count the number of times the door of the neighbors yard would clang into who-knows-what? Was noone else bothered by it? My room sounded like a tornado was going through it. (But the man slept peacefully on, not a care in the world, especially after he had saved Modi'in from his killer umbrella). After throwing a load of laundry in, finishing up some kitchen cleaning and some Facebook chatting with my friend CK, I managed to nod off at about 5:30. I had to get up an hour later, so you'll forgive me if I'm slightly incoherent, and not sure where this post is going.

Apparently, I had just experienced my first real Sharav, or Middle-Eastern Wind/Sand Storm. They used to call it a Hamseen, but now all of a sudden it has a different name. The winds were crazy. I've never seen or heard anything like it. Of course, hafsakat chashmal (at work some people got stuck in the elevator. Everyone remained calm, especially me because I wasn't in the elevator.) Dust everywhere. Hard to breathe. And the wind. Crazy.

I don't really know how to end this post. I guess I'll take questions from the floor, if there are any.

Just another crazy, windy day here in the Holy Land.

Please go check out Haveil Havalim #215 at Gila's place. While you're at it, congratulate her on running the 5k race.


Batya said...

Spring in Israel. Honestly, all the flowers blowing in the wind... It's definitely not the time to hang the laundry out unless you want to wash it twice before wearing. I just hope that there's a good clean rain, or the solar panels for heating water won't be effective until next November.

Please forgive me; you're tagged!

westbankmama said...

Baila - that wasn't a normal Sharav (I think Chamsin is the Arabic term) - I've lived here for almost twenty years and I don't remember the winds ever being that strong. It is usually much milder.

Anonymous said...

What about Ozzy? How did he like the wind storm?

rutimizrachi said...

A lack of sleep makes you fairly poetic. "...a very talented sleeper" and "...the Baryshnikov of sleep." HAH!!! I loved these colorful expressions, and will steal them, and liberally apply them to my teenangels. Thanks for adding Baila-color to this windy, dusty world. :-)

BTW, we on the ND mountaintop barely noticed the wind. It was just a little stronger than usual. :-D