Friday, May 15, 2009

Look what I found on a road trip on Friday

"So", Isaac announced to me earlier in the week, "I need you to come with me to Kibbutz Yavne on Friday to fix my watch."

His beloved watch.

You see my friends, many of you don't know that Isaac is a watch freak (and a pen freak as well, but that's for a different time). He loves watches, the more doo-dads on them the better. His favorite watch has a function that allows him to go deep sea diving and still be able to tell the time in every time zone in the world. Because we all know how often my beloved and his beloved watch go deep sea diving.

Anyhoo, I agreed to accompany said beloved down to Yavne because, well sometimes he does nice things for me, too. It's the whole-give-and-take-thing in marriage that is often spoken of. And because now that he has a car from work, I don't have to worry as much about driving in an un-air-conditioned car and breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

And so we set out. It was a beautiful day for a drive and I really do love looking at our ATLAS HAZAHAV to figure out routes. Orli joined us in our quest to fix the watch. We were having a pleasant enough time, enjoying the scenery and each other, when all of a sudden, like a phoenix rising I saw this:

Hiding in the city of Yavne, a huge storefront dedicated solely to Ben and Jerry's. That would be ice cream. As in American ice cream. Not exactly Haagen Dazs, but pretty close.

Did we stop?

Is the sky blue?

We knew Liat would kick herself for deciding to stay home. Sometimes there are great and just rewards for those willing to join the old folks on their journeys, eh?

Our stop sure made the trip worthwile. Isaac got his watch fixed in about ten minutes, no charge. It's really not that surprising that Kibbutz Yavne, founded by German Jews, is a manufacturer of watches and that they really know how to keep time.

The beloved watch fixed, Ben and Jerry's; all-in-all a pretty darn good Friday.

Shavua Tov--have a great week.


OneTiredEma said...

This is Good To Know :)

Leora said...

Yum. Which flavors do they have there? When we visited the Ben 'n Jerry's factory a few years back, I learned that not all flavors are available in all locations. They had this extreme coffee flavor I loved that is only available in Vermont.

I think Ben & Jerry's is better than Haagen Dazs. Well, different, anyway. I do like Haagan Dazs French Vanilla. I haven't had that in years.

SuperRaizy said...

A little taste of home can mean so much!

Baila said...


And they are supposedly opening another branch in Herzeliya. I was thinking why not Modiin, but then thought maybe I'm better off if I need to travel to get some.


They had about 15 different flavors. I had the Dulce de Leche with a ribbon of fudge and cookie dough abd Orli had the DDL and New York Fudge. I noticed Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garci, but don't remember the other flavors.



Fern Chasida said...

LOL. i have to admit that here in the USA i mostly stick to the cheap no name store brand ice cream. isn't there still a ben and jerry's in tel aviv by the beach?

Rachel said...

Directions, please!

rutimizrachi said...

It is possible that spreading the word about a Ben & Jerry's in Israel may be one of the steps toward world peace. Now we just need a detailed Swiss-chocolate-factory expose... Does Isaac need his liederhosen repaired, by any chance?

Bluma said...

You brought back some old (nice) memories...I was on Hach way-back-when the decision was reached to establish that watch factory. Of course, I haven't aged a bit since :) More important: I had NO IDEA there's a real live Ben&Jerrys' store here in Israel! What a wonderful way to spend the day/night/afternoon/evening/you name it..... You can be sure I will be visiting sometime real soon - I'll tell them Baila sent me :)

Anonymous said...

You always want what you don't have. I recently found out that the new kosher supermarket here carries Magnum bars.

Enjoy your treats!!!


Anonymous said...

Land of milk and honey, indeed!


Baila said...


In the states I usually bought the supermarket brand, but every now and then we treated ourselves to Haagen Dazs on Cedarhurtst Ave. right in our old neighborhood (and where Jerry Seinfeld recently filmed a TV commercial, that of course, I missed.)


Is that you, my old ulpan friend? Take the new route 431 to Route 42. You'll pass the town of Yavne, it's toward the end of the town on the right side. You can't miss it. Enjoy, and report back...


Excuse me, but Isaac's liederhosen are always in top repair.


Yey! You made it to the blog! (Everyone, Bluma is my new FB friend that I spoke about here about a few posts back (Forgot how to link in comments, can someone refresh my memory, Leora?). Say hi to Bluma everyone!

Bluma, we should do a road trip down there, no??? To B and J's!


If Magnum had been in America when we were there we may not have made Aliya. But there are some new flavors over here, that probably haven't reached you.



Anonymous said...

what a mitziya!!!! i did enjoy the turkey hill 2 for 1 sale at keyfood this week, their flavors rival those of b and J's all kinds of things covered in chocolate. and of course 2 for 1 at the yogurt place tues and sat.

Anonymous said...

Don't I feel like eating an icecream now?
I love both Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's, with a preference for Haagen Dazs.

אנט פרידמן said...

Hi Baila-

Hope you see this - my kids wanna go! How long did it take you from Modiin?


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