Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What you have above is an X-ray I took about two weeks ago. My left foot has been bothering me for about two months (maybe longer). The pain is on the bottom of my heel. When I was at my doctor for a routine visit, I asked her to give me a referral for an X-ray since I was going to that building for routine bloodwork anyway. I knew if I went to see the orthopedist he would send me for an X-ray. My appointment is later today and I'll be ready with a CD of my foot (the technician just handed it over when I was done). Now I had already self-diagnosed myself and the X-ray confirmed my suspicion: a heel spur. You see that little chupchick sticking out?--it's not supposed to be there. Once I had diagnosed myself (before confirmation via radiation) I also self-treated with specific exercises (G-d, I love the internet). Treatment has been semi-successful until I started Trep's Walking Program on Sunday. Now I think more aggressive treatment is warranted. I'll consult with Dr. Sugar (really his name. Well, its Sucar, which in Hebrew is sugar) and we'll decide on a plan of action together. Or he'll tell me what to do and I'll nod my head in agreement.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I don't mind any free advice you happen to have.

If you're interested in seeing more X-rays, Benji has his teeth up (or someone's teeth, anyway) at Haveil Havalim. He actually inspired me to share my foot with you, so you can go over there and thank him.


Mrs. S. said...

!רפואה שלמה

Anonymous said...

Hope you heal soon and don't need an operation.
רפואה שלמה
I didn't realize you had a daughter's bar-mitzvah soon. Which daughter is it? The youngest or the middle-one?

Leora said...

Ouch. Hope Dr. Sugar knows his stuff.

Years ago we went to an orthopedist who said most people wear shoes that are too small.

I know nothing about heel spurs. Good luck with the self-motivated healing program. Sounds good.

Batya said...

Find shoes which are comfortable and don't wear any others. It takes a year and then it's fine. Friends who did all sorts of "doctor things" also waited a year.

RivkA with a capital A said...

cool!! how did you get your x-ray online? Did you just take it off the CD? How??

I am so technologically limited!!

RivkA with a capital A said...

oh yeah, feel better!!

hope your heel heals soon!!

(sorry, I just had to!)

Baila said...

Mrs. S,

Thank you and Chag Sameach!


I don't think surgery is the norm for treatment of heel spurs. My youngest daughter is having her bat mitzvah in 2 weeks.


Thanks, Dr. Sugar seemed to know his stuff; I'll report more tomorrow along with a picture of the cheesecake.


The problem is I like wearing Naot and open shoes, not very much support or therapeutic.


They gave me the CD and I just copied and pasted into a folder and then used the "upload picture" function. It was easy. Isaac did the circle thing. And thank you!

Anonymous said...

What an atractive foot you have. You can treat it with physical therapy, (ironic that i should be recommending that) they do ultrasound with some kind of medication, i have to look it up but i think it is acetic acid. it supposedly breaks down the spur. good luck

Rachel from ulpan said...

I had good success w/ acupuncture to treat a heel spur that was really making me miserable. Let me know if you want details.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Is Isaac your husband or son?

I'm not sure who is more adept at "playing" with the computer... my husband or my son....