Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I was going to put up a different post but then decided to hold it for a day

Because it's Yom Yerushalayim! Or Jerusalem Day. It's the 44th anniversary of the day Jerusalem, our capital, the holiest city in the world was liberated and united. It is a day of joy and pride for us. I'd like to remind everyone that in 1967, Jews were denied access to our holy sites, then under Jordanian rule. Jerusalem was liberated after Israel fought a defensive and decisive six-day war. Yes, we were defending ourselves. Had it not been for Arab aggression, parts of Jerusalem might still be under Jordanian rule. (Gee, I wonder how the Jordanians would feel about handing it over to the Palestinians would that be the case).

Under Israeli rule Arabs and Christians have access to their holy places. The Palestinians want Jerusalem in any kind of peace deal they may negotiate with us.

Do you think we'd be given access to those places should such a scenario take place?

In any case, Happy Jerusalem Day to all. In honor of the day, I'm posting a recipe for Meurav Yerushalmi , or Jerusalem mixed grill. It's yummy, but you should know I skip the livers,hearts, spleens and kidneys in the recipe. And some of the spices. Which basically leaves chicken and onions.

Meurav Yerushalmi

The traditional “Jerusalem mixture” is a medley of local meats and spices served mainly in market eateries. This version comes from Sherry Ansky, author, Eating in Jerusalem and The Food of Israel.


Chicken breast, liver, spleen, and heart (small morsels)
Beef kidney (small morsels)
Steak pieces
Whole egg yolk (optional)
Coriander seeds
Curry powder
Black pepper
Grilled chopped onion
Pita bread


Mix meat and egg ingredients. Season with spices, grilled onion, and garlic.

Heat an open grill plate or skillet. Place the mixture over the heat and sear, then lower the heat until the pieces cook on the inside. When cooked thoroughly, briefly increase to maximum heat before removing from grill.

Stuff in pita bread and serve immediately.


Mrs. S. said...

"Had it not been for Arab aggression, parts of Jerusalem might still be under Jordanian rule."
Very true! In fact, Israel begged Jordan to stay out of the war, but King Hussein didn't want to disappoint his good friends Egypt, Syria, Iraq, et al and decided to attack Israel.

Happy Yom Yerushalayim!

Daniela@Isreview1 said...

Cool recipe to post today:)
Hope you had a wonderful Yom Yerushalayim:)

Kathleen said...

great post!
I also think I'd probably leave out most of the same ingredients...
Hope you had a happy Yom Yerushalayim!

Anonymous said...