Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ozzy update

Ozzy-the-wonder-dog continues to be the cutest, funniest dog alive. He continues to bark at pretty much every thing that moves when he is out on the mirpeset [porch]. Sometimes things bark back (like the kids on their way home from school) and he is in doggie heaven. The garbage trucks now come earlier, so unfortunately I can't let Ozzy out anymore to bark for that. Lately he's started a new thing--when we are sitting on the couch he jumps up next to us and snuggles in. He does this mostly with me because I, of course, am his favorite.

On Friday nights, when I light candles, he goes to the door because he knows that we are going down to the park to meet his buddy Monty, The Big Black Dog. When we return home, as soon as Isaac starts to make Kiddush he puts himself in his crate where we had always put him since he's really annoying when we eat. Don't feel sorry for him, he's nicely rewarded with challah.

One of his favorite places to hang out is under the computer when I am surfing the 'net.

We're also trying to teach him a new trick, but I think he's a bit afraid of the Jerusalem Post (could it be because a certain someone who shall remain nameless but whose name starts with an I and ends with a C used to take a rolled up paper and strongly say "NO!" as he hit the newspaper on the floor when Ozzy was a pup and being trained?)

Finally, Ozzy continues to be obsessed with cats. There is a white one that strolls across the mirpeset every night at about 9 PM and Ozzy goes totally crazy. He knows the word "cat" and always reacts:

(Falls for it every time).

It's sheet-changing day, hence the piles in the hallway. I know I should have moved it, but set design is not my thing.

Ozzy wants you all know that he is content here in Israel, among his dogs, he loves his people (that would be us) and someday soon he will write his own post. But, first, there is an open garbage can somewhere in the house to explore...

Kosher Cooking Carnival is up at Israeli Kitchen. Happy cooking.


Gila Rose said...

glad to hear that everyone's klitah is coming along swimmingly. or, uh, dog-paddingly.

Gila Rose said...

wait that should be dog-paddleingly. or something. ok i'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ozzie!!! He is awesome. But you most stop talking in front of him about what kind of dog you will get when he dies!!

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching marley and me so after a good cry i got a good laugh with ozzie. we miss him!!