Thursday, March 6, 2008

Terror in Jerusalem

I went with my friend to do some finalizing for her daughter's bat-mitzvah. We were in the caterer's office, discussing the music when the TV caught my eye. "Six killed in terror attack at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem".

Oh my G-d.

We all turned to the TV. Well, actually Tammy and I became distracted. The caterer man glanced at the TV, sighed, and continued to talk about the party.

This was at 8:45PM, our time. The attack took place at 8:35 PM. By the time I was watching the event unfold, 50 ambulances were at the scene. We finished talking to the caterer and then walked into the room where the party was being held. Pulsating music, flashing lights, a "candy bar". Joyful Israeli's celebrating a son's bar mitzvah.

We watched the party.

Back in the office, it was now being reported that 8 students were dead.

At the party the mother smiled broadly as her son invited loved ones up to light a candle.

In the office, I watched the news and thought about 8 mothers who will say their final, most wrenching good-byes in the morning.

The pulsating music filtered through, filling the office with its vibrations.

Such is life in Israel.

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Welcome to the dichotomy of life that is Israel