Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm feeling bleary-eyed this morning

Just an educated guess here, but I'm thinking it's mating season for cats.

Those creatures are really rude. Not only do they do it in public, but they are extremely loud. Ozzy went nuts (probably very jealous).

I'm just curious: who is the one making all that noise, the male or female?

And exactly how long does the season last?

With apologies to Ilana S. and Yael.



I might be wrong but i think it is the mail
and it is not something that has a finite begining or end - it just is

yet another step toward your successful klita. When you dont hear it any more you know you have passed through this


Anonymous said...

How can those cute litlle things make so much noise. Don't get me wrong, i am not a cat lover myself (sorry N), but the picture is really sweet. Let us know when you become a grandma.

Baila said...

you have no idea about my poor sleep habits. Mating cats will always wake, even I am lucky enough to be hear another 60 years.


I think there are lots of grandkiddys on the way, unfortunately.

PS send me your work number, I wanted to call you today, but couldn't find it.

Shabbat Shalom!

JJ said...

The first year I remember hearing the cats going crazy was several years ago on Yom Kippur, at night. I was trying to sleep and I couldn't understand why the kid screaming outside wasn't been taken care of by her parents!

The next morning I realized that it was a cat that had been doing all that screaming! Terrible noise, ain't it?