Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed...

Tali's bat-mitzvah is in two weeks,and I've been procrastinating for I-don't-know-how-long, and now I have so many things to do; the kids are finished with ulpan and are supposed to be integrated into the classrooms this week. We must find a car to buy, because the rental is just eating into our bank account; I got a job.

And oh yeah, now Ashkelon, in additon to Sderot, is being bombarded by rockets and missiles from our friendly Hamas neighbors in the South.

It's enough to make a girl scream.

I'll go to sleep first, but not before I say a little prayer for our chayalim.

Good night.


SuperRaizy said...

Congratulations on the new job!
How about asking some of your neighbors to pitch in and help out with the bat mitzvah preparations? If you really want to become Israeli, then you must make your neighbors feel like extended family members, and after all, what is family for?

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you want to "scream" over coffee!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more about your job? CK

Batya said...

Oslo messed up my older son's Bar Mitzvah, and then Oslo never happened. Baruch Hashem. That's why we're still in Shiloh.
I put together both Bar Mitzva celebrations in days. Different reasons, but that's another story.

mother in israel said...

Mazal tov!! I also want to hear about your new job.

Baila said...


I don't know about that, I'm not inviting my next door neighbors, so I can't really ask them to help, can I? But I have asked some friends to pitch in...


Coffee sounds great, but I think we have to do it after the Bat Mitzvah--then we can scream about Pesach!


Now I don't feel so bad that some invitations are going out two weeks before the event!

CK, and MII

I'm going to write more about the job (and my feelings about work, as soon as I have a few seconds).

Anonymous said...

Baila, there is almost nothing that you can't do if you put your mind to it. Talli bat mitzvah will be great!!! By the way I am feeling a little overwhelmed by E's bar mitzvah too HELP!!!!!