Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Post Before I Leave, or the Things I'll Miss About America

Things are getting into crazy hectic mode. Last night Isaac and I were up til 3 a.m. basically going through old files and tearing up anything that had our social security or any account numbers on it. We still have a huge box of files that we brought from Brooklyn 12 years ago. Isaac is going to burn them. I hope that turns out well...

I have a huge pit in my stomach that I don't think will go away for a few months. This is something I have always wanted to do. I believe in it. And yet I am afraid. I am trying to have emunah that it will all turn out okay, but still...

Most of you know that we are not making aliya because we are unhappy here. On the contrary these past 12 years in Cedarhurst have been amazing. The five towns community is one of the most generous, beautiful communities. I will always have hakarat hatov for the way the community, both friends and strangers supported us when we so badly needed it. There is no way to repay that kind of support.

So here goes, my top ten list of some of the things I will miss most...(not necessarily in order).

1. Ben the Mailman. He's from Hawaii and has been delivering our mail since we moved in. He knows the girls names and always had a kind word for them. A great guy. (Wonder what mail is like in Israel!)

2. Karen our neighbor and her dog Wills. A gracious woman who inspired our love of dogs. Her Bouvier is as big as a pony and every morning she would come talk to the kids at their bus stop as she walked Wills. That was comforting to me in last year or two when I left for work before the bus came. (The other moms were home, I didn't just leave them in the street alone!!! Sheesh!)

3. The North Woodmere Park Pool. What a great place for such a great price. The kids loved swimming there and in the past few years when the kids became adept swimmers it was so relaxing for me. It was where my friendship with Bonnie was cemented. We've have many conversations about Israel while sort of keeping an eye on the kids.

4. Yankee baseball. Their time will come the meantime the Modiin Miracles made second place in the new Israel Baseball League. Unfortunately they are sponsored by the Mets, but still we'll root for them. Nobody said aliya was going to be easy!

5. Ilana's mushrooms. Yum yum. And of course having such a good friend around the corner. She was often my Shabbat afternoon date. It doesn't hurt that she's such a great baker.

6. My annual Rosh Hashanna davening partner, Nadine. Everyone tells me how amazing it is that I will be arriving in Israel right before the chagim, that the chagim will be so uplifting. Maybe. But I don't think so. I have been sitting with Nadine (and her mom) for I don't know how many years now. We kept the talking to a minimum, but it was so good having her right next to me. I can't even imagine getting through the davening this year in a new, unfamiliar shul, with so many unfamiliar people.

7. Shabbat morning coffee with Chedva and Alice. and cake. and m and m's, or whatever else was lying around. I should have gone to shul, but those two are just to irrestible.

8. All the doctors that have treated my family and me here. True Shlichim of Hashem. They are amazing professionals who are so caring. Especially those involved in Liat's care.

9. Those companies and businesses that provide such great service around here. OSI. American Dry Cleaners. Sarge on central avenue.

10. All of you. I love you all so much and truly hope that our connections will be maintained. We have the same 516 phone number in Israel. It's a local call, and I hope we stay in touch. I'll keep posting to the blog, but I want to know whats going on in your lives as well.

That's it for now. My next post will be from Israel. Who knows what the future holds for any of us? With G-d's help we hope to thrive in the homeland of our people, and for you all to join us there some day.

K'tiva V'Chatima Tova!

May this be a year of health, peace and prosperity for us all.


Anonymous said...

We are all excited to have you here in Modiin but don't knock the Mets. EVER! And bring some of Ilana's mushrooms and whatever else she has coming out of her oven.
L'shana Hazot bYerushalayim! Wow!

Anonymous said...

By the way, that comment about the Mets was from me, Arlene. I can't wait till you get here!

Baila said...

of course i guessed it was you, arlene. see you tomorrow!!!!!