Monday, August 27, 2007

Last of Everything

And so we begin our last week here in Cedarhurst. Next week at this time we will be sitting on an El-Al plane. A one way ticket. I am nervous, and scared. All my adult life I have wanted to do this and now I am praying that we have made the right decision. Tomorrow L. comes home from camp to an empty house. How will she react?

I am starting to think, "This is the last time...." The last time I will be in this store....the last time I will drive down this block....the last time I will go to Splish-Splash....the last time I will buy the newspaper in this store...We've already had our last Shabbat meal in our home...and its feeling less and less like our home.

Today the new owner came for the walk-through. We didn't know he was coming and the house was a complete mess, but he was okay. We also cancelled our utilities for next week. Friends walk in, and leave with our stuff. They say, "you're not taking that?", and we tell 'em to take it. Since we couldn't send liquor on our lift, a few people came by for a "Finish your liquor party". Big drinkers, our chevra--they barely made a dent.

Tuesday and Wednesday we'll do more tying up of loose ends. Thursday is a big day for us. L gets her Make-A-Wish day--maybe I'll post about that. Friday I'll leave aside to have a full blown panic attack. Shabbat we eat at friends (kiddush in memory of S's father A"H). Isaac was asked to daven shacharit--which means I have to be in shul early (couldn't they ask him to do Anim Zmirot?--the last prayer, usually lead by young boys). Our last Shabbat at this shul we love, warts and all. Our last kiddush club that Isaac is so proud of (after davening, everyone is invited). Sunday, good-bye to my parents, who don't want to come to the airport (will it be easier at home????) and more good-byes at our shul barb-b-q. And.....Monday, Monday.

We have been asked to bring a Sefer Torah to Israel. What an honor and a priviledge. I feel like this is such a good siman for our aliya!

We are truly blessed....

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm a little behind in reading your blogs...I'll catch up...I'm behind in all of my life. so I have to say that I felt the lump in my throat after reading this one