Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet 16

Happy birthday to my beautiful Liat, a dream come true.

(Poor Liat; her cake looks nothing like this).


Commenter Abbi said...

Aw I was going to say, what a gorgeous cake for your daughter! There are fancy cake makers here in Israel, if you wanted to shell out the bucks.

Hope you didn't make her one of these cakes:

Happy birthday Liat!

RivkA with a capital A said...

For a second there, you had my jaw on the floor!

What a sigh of relief when I realized you were still "one of us"!


Toto said...

I too was about to post how impressed I was!!! haha Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Anonymous said...

You knocked me off my feet with that cake!!!

Happy Birthday Liat we love you and miss you!! Hope you had a great day.

the wiesels

Baila said...


Those cake wrecks were hysterical! I have seen that site before and I don't how it manages to find all those cakes. And Liat would have had a heart attack with either cake.


Of course, I'm one of you. The real cake was a mix made with my yuumy from scratch frosting. Licked clean by Shabbat morning.


See note above. the wishes.


We miss you too!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday liat. does she start driving lessons yet? ethan has started and i almost had a heart attack driving with him. not that he is bad just that i have nooo control.

MyrtleHernandez said...

wow a very lovely cake..
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