Monday, September 14, 2009

Second J-Blogger's Convention

I got into the elevator to go to the first workshop. A man steps in behind me and shouts "I'll Call Baila???!" My big, fat head thinks, "I'm famous!" until I realize that he was reading the words that were sprawled across my chest on the sticker graciously provided by NBN.

Still, I had a ball.

I hitched a ride with One Tired Ema. (She really is tired. I tried to comfort her, but I think saying, with a big sigh, "Just wait 'til they're teenagers" wasn't all that helpful).

Truth is, I didn't exactly learn anything from the convention. The organizers have their agenda and that's fine, especially since I'm on their side. They organized a great event at a beautiful venue (Beit AviChai--I really enjoyed that photo exhibit, did you?), with good food, all for 50 shekel. I have no need to be snarky or cynical.

Only thing is, I wanted more socializing time. I wanted to talk to bloggers I have already befriended and to meet new ones. Not enough time.

Second thing is, I'd like to see some of the smaller bloggers represented. You know, the regular Joe who doesn't necessarily reach or try to reach thousands. Just sayin'.

Over at RivkA's blog, a bunch of us are talking about a more informal gathering (no sponsors, no agendas, just a bunch of fun people hanging out). Stay tuned for details if that does indeed come together. It was good to see RivkA in person.

I forgot to bring my camera this year, durnit, so I can't post pictures, like I did last year; but the convention was fun because these great bloggers showed up:

West Bank Mama, who was to shy to say hello last year. Did you know all her kids are boys? And all of mine are girls. Hmmm.

Mom. Now why wasn't she on a panel?

I saw Batya, but didn't get a chance to say hello. She looks amazing. (See I told you we needed more socializing time!)

Jameel presented, trying desperately to hold on to his anonymity. At least he didn't wear that smiley face thing; it's really doofy.

Gila, who helped me accost Dudi Stark of NBN so we can get interviews.

Ruti. I love your blog title (but you see Dave's point, right?)

Sandman--you see there really wasn't enough time for socializing.

Dave "the-delete-key-is-your-friend" Treppenwitz.

Risa, a blog I am just getting to know.

It was great talking to Pnina, another person crazy enough (didn't you say that to me once, Ruti?) to make Aliyah with teenagers.

And of course, the star of the day, Benji, who was great. Go check out his new Rosh Hashannah video here.

For photos of the convention, see Jacob Richman's site. (And SZ, I'm not going to caption 6,000 photos).

Haveil Havalim is up The Reform Shuckle.

Here's looking forward to the third convention....


Mrs. S. said...

I was only able to catch a few minutes here and there online. But I did get to see your interview. Great job!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Mrs. S.: Missed seeing you there!

Baila: I also mentioned on my blog -- socializing time is much more key.

Don't wait for the 3rd convention, I'm sure we'll have much more impromptu get-togethers in the near future. Sukkot maybe?

Was great seeing you and all the others!

Leora said...

I am pretty sure I saw you on one of Jacob Richman's photos.

And I got to hear your little interview, Hannah's, Rafi's and RivkA's. I enjoyed watching a bit via the chat room. But most of it the panel stuff was... ahem... boring (I didn't write that in print, did I?).

Batya said...

Thanks!! I can't believe I didn't get to talk to you this time. We must all get together. How about Tel Shiloh....

David A.M. Wilensky said...

It's called the Reform SHUCKLE, but you're not the first to make the mistake. I'm not sure why so many people misread it that way.

Thanks for the link anyway!

Baila said...

David, I'm so sorry about that. I'll go fix it. (And when I read your blog, I even thought to myself-hey I get it--a Reform Jew "Shuckling". I'm an idiot.

(Hope you forgive me in the spirit of the season).

Unknown said...

Baila, we barely got to talk! (Unlike last year) :(
BTW, aherm, you might want to fix the link to my blog, ahem. ;P

Baila said...

Oh my goodness, I'm going to spend the rest of the night fixing my post and apologizing.

Sandman, I know. There was no time for shmoozing (or at least not enough for those of us who are extremely popular).

I've suggested on other blogs that they should make the convention over a weekend. Preferably at a swanky hotel. For the same 50 shekel.

Anonymous said...

Being away I missed it all, sigh! Thanks to your post I know I missed a bit less. Shanah tovah.

David A.M. Wilensky said...

In the spirit of the season, yes, you're are most certainly forgiven.

I've had this theory for some time that it was the logo at the top of the blog that did it and that the logo wasn't legible enough.

So the upside of your most insignificant of typos is that it finally gave me the final nudge into making a new banner image. Check it out!

JJ said...

Looks like it was fun, I wish I could have been there!