Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dippin' the apple in the honey (yuck)

I hate honey. Really. It makes me gag. I used to force myself to eat the apple with the honey because I was scared I wouldn't have a sweet year if I didn't. Now I just eat an enjoyable, crunchy apple and pray for an enjoyable, crunchy year.

The radio station I listen to has been advertising its upcoming "Top 100 of 5769" show and wondering who will be chosen "Person of the Year".

The supermarkets are packed anytime of the day and night.

If you need to get something important done (like finding a job), may as well try to relax, it ain't happening until "acharei hachagim"--after the holidays.

At work, if you're lucky, you'll get a bonus. If not, you'll likely have an end-of-year party. (I had one at work today. Our principal asked all of us to write down our new year wishes for the school and then read them all out loud. I'm happy to say I participated in this Hebrew writing exercise and was even complimented. Maybe I should start a blog in Hebrew.) And, no, there wasn't any bonus.

I appreciate all of this. This country works on my schedule, according to the rhthym of my clock. It feels nice that the entire country, religious or not, will be celebrating together.

Here's my favorite unhealthy drink, Diet Coke, personally wishing me a Happy Holiday:

I have so many prayers and wishes for this New Year, 5770, תש"ע.

May it be the year that Gilad is freed.

May it be a year where no Israeli soldier has to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live free.

May it be a year where no Israeli citizen is attacked.

May it be a year where the world recognizes our right to exist in this land as a free nation.

May it be a year where our leaders are strong enough to assert that right even if the world doesn't come to that realization.

May it be a year of health and prosperity.

May it be a year of joy and family.

May it be a year of new friends and old.

May it be a year of peace.

May it be a year of gratitude to G-d for all His blessings.

Shana Tova.


Risa Tzohar said...


Leora said...

Your diet coke can made me laugh!

Shana tova gam lach.

Anonymous said...

I still have my coke bottle from peseach that says chag sameach.

I will continue to miss you as i sit in my seat this rosh hashana.

shana tova!!


SuperRaizy said...

Reading your list of wishes for the New Year, it strikes me how Israeli you've become in such a short time. I'm willing to bet that if you were still living in Cedarhurst, your list would start with #6, and numbers 1-5 would be tacked on at the end. It looks like moving to Israel really helps people put their priorities in order.
My New Year's wish for you is that all the things that you listed come true.
Shana Tova!

Phyllis Sommer said...

shana tova!!!! what a beautiful list of wishes for the new year.

p.s. if you really hate honey, why not dip your apple in chocolate sauce? sounds good to me:-)

Fern Chasida said...

Amen Baila! I concur 100% with your feelings (including hating honey - none of us like it) and your wishes for the new year. Shana tova!

Baila said...

Risa and Leora,

Thank you.


I know what you mean. It's a tough time of the year for me, too. I tried to call you yesterday. Will try again today.


I guess you can't help but be a part of the local goings-on. I think starting of with the first set would have been okay--they're good wishes, don't you think?

(BTW, I was shocked when a friend called me to say she heard it's a sad day in Israel and wanted to know why. It was the day Assaf Ramon z'l was killed. I don't think she reads blogs).


Great idea. And I think I'll just forget the apple and just go with the chocolate. That oughtta guarantee my sweet year!

Shana Tova to all!

rutimizrachi said...

I'm with you on the honey. When it's time to re-institute the dipping the challah in the salt, I am one happy camper.

Don't you just love the "matanot" liters or bottles offered by the soda pop companies in honor of the chagim? Only in Israel.

Shana tova, chavera!

bataliyah said...

Ha! I always thought I was the only Jew in the universe who didn't love honey. Thank you for making me feel a tad more normal for preferring the salt-challah combo. May all your brachot come true for all of Klal Yisrael, even those of us still outside the Land.

Glennis said...

Diet coke is very bad for you, not at all healthy. It is the sweetener that is the problem.
I also hope the year to come is good for all.

Melissa said...

L'Shana Tova!


Anonymous said...


Jack Steiner said...

What's with all the honey haters. The bees work damn hard for us. ;)