Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Better sox

Way back when, I read a post by Mom in Israel on mismatched socks. I couldn't find the exact post, so Mom, if you're reading this, send me the link and I'll post it.

In any case, the other day I noticed something about my kids feet, but it didn't quite register. Today I noticed the same thing:

That's right my kids no longer bother to wear matching socks anymore, if it's at all inconvenient. You see, I don't believe that I'm always losing socks to some weird sock fairy (not that there's anything wrong with that) or that they get sucked in by the washing machine. I know my kids take off their socks at night and then promptly shove them under the bed, behind it or into one of the 50,000 boxes of "tchatchkes" that pre-teen and teen kids seem to accumulate. I'm always on them to take off their socks and throw both of them into the hamper, but honestly, that is just not a priority to them.

But this is the perfect solution. I no longer have to care about missing matches. I know the socks are in their rooms somewhere and eventually (probably before Pesach) they'll turn up. And when they do, the kids will be able to wear them, with whatever match they please. (And as you see from the second picture, they really don't have to coordinate at all). I feel so liberated.

While I'm on the topic, you should check out Seraphic Secret's Friday Footwear Feature by Robert Avrech. Mr. Avrech provides excellent politcal analysis of our situation here in Israel, as well as of what's going on in America. But his fans really go back for this stuff.


Leora said...

I want to give you the NEW link to mother in israel's sock post, but I'm going to let her do that. (It will be much easier to find her old posts on the WordPress version of her blog, that's all I am going to say!).

Nice of you to recommend a blogger who lives in Galus and writes about Israel. Personally, I like when Robert talks about movies. The political stuff is OK, too.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Love the mismatched socks!

The answer to every mother's prayers.

Hey, you can't find a pair? Make your own!!


Anonymous said...

I learned from a very wise friend that socks are the larval form of wire coat hangers. That's why there are always so many of them in my basement next to the washer.

mother in israel said...

It's too much for me, the mismatched socks. I'm from the preppy generation.
Leora is right, but my eyes are too glazed over from making the switch to look for it for you.

Anonymous said...

The mismatched socks are brilliant, like Jean Claude Gaultier in Israel. You should do a guest post for my Friday Footwear!

Thanks so much for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

For some strange reason I could never wear mismatched socks. You are luck your kids can!

Anonymous said...

In FAO Schwartz, they SELL mismatched socks!! The brand is (what else?) Miss Match.

You are so ahead of your time.

Anonymous said...

OMG! My kids have been doing the same thing. I thought they were crazy but I guess its a thing here. May be one day us moms will "get it" for now, we just drive them crazy about nonsense.