Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses* or , thoughts on middle aging

I went to the eye doctor today. What a nice guy. It was my first check-up since making Aliyah. At my last appointment (right before we moved) the doctor said that my vision could use correcting, but that I was fine without glasses.

Well apparently in 18 months, things have gone downhill, because at today's appointment, the doctor wondered out loud how I was managing to drive at night. Yikes.

Then he proceeded to tell me that I have dry eyeballs. That's due to allergies, very likely to Ozzy the wonder dog. (My kids have already informed me that if they have to make a choice they're just not sure who they'd pick. I'm not to worried; Ozzy can't drive them to the mall.)

Actually, I have no thoughts at all on middle aging. Just turn up the volume on the TV, please. I can't hear it.

*To his credit, Isaac says this isn't true.


My friend SuperRaizy, is hosting the Superhero edition of Haveil Havalim this week and my other friend Ilana-Davita is hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival. It's good to have friends in high places.


SuperRaizy said...

(Aww, man, you're makin' me blush.)
I have worn glasses since I was eight years old, and I can tell you for a fact that men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses. (Dorothy Parker was a cranky old witch.)In fact, it has been my experience that some men will flirt with any woman who shows them the slightest bit of encouragement. So don't worry, the glasses won't stop you from picking up a boyfriend, should Isaac ever tick you off sufficiently to cause you to search for one.

Leora said...

My mother used to say that. All members of my family past the age of about 15 wear glasses. I got glasses in 5th grade, and I cried. Then I noticed I could now see the leaves on the trees! I didn't know people could do that.

In college, I got contact lenses. Love them. Except now I'm too lazy to put them on most days.

I had a friend who said women should wear glasses on job interviews, it makes them look smart.

Baila said...


I'm actually thinking the glasses will make me more attractive!

Hi mik,

Uhm yeah, if I wanted Xanax, I'd absolutely order it from someone SPAMMING MY BLOG! NOT!!!!


I think I'd want contact lenses if I feel like I need to wear the glasses all the time. We'll see.

Robin said...

If you're suffering from dry eyes you may have trouble with contacts.

I have very severe dry eye issues and had to get special ones where the hydration balance in the lens was more weighted towards water. Those suckers were extraordinarily expensive (like NIS 600 a pair back then) and unbelievably fragile. I wore them for about a year before giving up and going back to glasses. Like I said though, my issues are fairly severe so you may be just fine with a small bottle of artificial tears or something.

I got glasses when I was 26 and the difference they made was incredible. I'd had 20-20 vision growing up and my vision deteriorated gradually enough that I didn't realize - until I took one look at the doctor's eye chart and said "oh, it's in Hebrew" and she responded with "no, it's NUMBERS"! Umm, yikes. I got the glasses and suddenly trees had leaves! Now that I've been wearing them so long I get really edgy without them, things look too blurry.

Good luck with whichever you decide to go for, being able to see well again makes all the hassle worthwhile.

PS You know you can get your prescription from a proper eye doctor and then go to one of the cheaper chains for the actual glasses, right?

Batya said...

I was so traumatized and terrified about choosing my first reading glasses, I brought someone to help me pick them out. Now I consider them my jewelry-necklace and can't be without them hanging on me.

RivkA with a capital A said...

ah yes, the eyeglasses thing...

First posted about it here

Still have a pretty cute follow up post..... (just have to get around to posting it...)