Monday, November 17, 2008

(Re)-learning something new everyday...

My brain is exploding.

One of the direct results of making Aliyah is that I am attending school again. Sixth, Seventh and tenth grade. In Hebrew. Yay.

Did you know that...

...the rise of chassidism is a result of a spiritual and financial crisis amongst the Eastern European Jews of the 17th century?

...David Hamelech (King David) was a pretty aggressive guy (which is why he didn't get to build the Beit Hamikdash)? He was really mad at that nasty fellow Naval HaCarmeli and was going to wipe him out when he met Naval's wife Avigayil who convinced him it was beneath the future King to destroy Naval's household. Avigayil later became one of David's wives, after G-d himself smote the evil Naval.

..before Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon) was annointed King, his step-brother Adoniyahu tried to steal the kingship? When David found out about this, he took care of it. Shlomo later had his hit man, Binayahu Ben Yehoyoda take care of Adoniyahu.

...after Bar Kochba's rebellion, surviving Jews fled to the Galil because they knew they could live on the agriculture there and that also they could hide from the Romans in the numerous caves.

...that adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions in Hebrew is the same as in English? But that my kids no longer no how to say "numerator" and "denominator" in their mother tongue?

I'm also learning about the circulatory system. Digestive system is up next. When I was in tenth grade, I couldn't wait to learn about the reproductive system with my bio teacher, Mr. Zeidner, who we thought was hot. Wonder if it will be as fun this time.

Add all of this to my nightly awakenings at 4 a.m. (and not being able to fall back asleep), everything else that needs to get done and you can see why Baila's feelin' just a bit cranky.

I need a vacation. Or maybe SuperRaizy's solution will work for me.


SuperRaizy said...

Oh, man, I totally feel your pain. I am currently attending the 10th grade for the second time, the
7th grade for the third time, and the 4th grade for the fourth time. I KNOW EVERYTHING. And all of it is useless.
May I make a suggestion? That guy you married- for better, for worse, etc. Well, this is for worse. Ask him to take over for a day or two, check out, and get some rest.

Mrs. S. said...

The good news is that at least you don't have to worry about long division. You see, dividing fractions may be the same in both languages, but long division - not so much.

In Hebrew, the long division sign is a mirror image of its English counterpart. Don't ask me how it works. I tell my kids that if they want me to help them learn long division, they're going to have to do it left-to-right, like nature intended...

Leora said...

I like the little history lessons. So, if a financial crisis of the 17th century brought about Chasidism, what do you think the current recession will do to the Haredi sector (you don't have to answer that, I'm teasing).

All I know about 9th grade is Troy existed. My 9th grader does not let me into his life at all, just yells at me for trying.

My 6th grader leaves Boy Scout popcorn in our living room for over two weeks that he needs to deliver. He's pretty good about getting his homework done.

So I have to stick with knowing that s-h-i-p spells ship and not sss-hhh-i-p. Speaking of my first grader, we still haven't finished this evening's homework. I'm reading blog posts, and she's putting on a show, that no one is watching.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a parent I once met about her son and who told him she didn't want to repeat 10th grade so he'd better work more.

Asher said...

you think you've got it hard.. I'm going to have to start all over from kindergarten (how do you say "this little piggy went to market..." in Hebrew?)

Baila said...


That guy I'm married will be taking over soon for a short while (for better for worse :) )

Mrs. S,

I could only help with Math until a certain level, and then they are their own (long division or not).


In a weird way I'm also enjoying this; I learned Shmuel and Melachim, but it was so long ago I barely remember anything. And living here, when a place is mentioned, I often know where it is. Pretty cool.

And my sixth grader puts on shows too. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I just pretend.


When my friends ask me what I've been doing, I say, "I have a navi test tomorrow, I've been studying."


Hmmm. Does the school your daughter is going to teach them about pigs? My Kiryat Sefer friends would have a cow!

Anonymous said...

That is cool that you are learning so much. Instead of it being like groundhog day where you relive 6th grade 3 times, it's different with Orly!

P.S. D was studying for a yediot klaliot test (in the U.s.) and i couldn't even remember which of Jacob's sons belonged to which mother. I think I need to make aliyah.

A Living Nadneyda said...

I'm with you.... I just posted my recent frustrations as well, with a textbook that I have the urge to defenestrate.

At this very minute I'm about to review my daughter's science test practice questions so I can help her prepare. ACK!

Anonymous said...

it doesn't get easier even in english. i have a hard time with
2nd grade math, can't seem to get mast the directions.

Asher said...

dear anonymous (the one who signs "ck" unless that's subliminal advertising)

Assuming that you can handle the first 4 (easy) and the last two, then remember, Daddy Never Got Angry In Zion (Dan Naftali Gad Asher Issachar Zebulun), and Be (a)Zion Lover (Bilhah Zilpah Leah)

Benji Lovitt said... took me a few minutes to understand why you are repeating these grades. Most of us didn't learn those things the first time around so good for you for getting a second chance. : )

Batya said...

My ignorance would have failed my kids. Luckily, once I helped #1 read Hebrew phonetically, she didn't need much help until hs English and she helped the younger ones.
I was able to help the boys, a little, but I became a specialist in dealing with the schools, teachers etc.

Anonymous said...

actually, my daughter is in fact my son, but never mind.

Photo's are at

He's called Sinai, which is a story in itself.

Now, would my explode or implode with all you're (re-)learning?

And does the 4 a.m. wake-up have anything to do with Muezzins (or am I jumping the gun?)