Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day off. Here's what I did.

--I woke up at 5:30 a.m. (always do, not because I want to).
--Showered and dressed (quickie morning prayers).
--Got kids up and out.
--Threw a load of laundry in.
--Ate corn flakes while reading Obama's acceptance and McCain's concession speeches. (Wept a bit; I'm such a sucker for American patriotism).
--Put up the chicken soup; prepared the matzoh ball batter.
--Cleaned my bathroom.
--Unpacked a box (from our lift of last year; don't ask).
--Put the laundry on the drying thingie; threw in another load.
--Threw the matzoh balls into the boiling water.
--Cleaned my desk (basically moved papers and bills from one part of the desk to another; must start to go paperless).
--Went to the Iriyah (town hall) to take care of some stuff.
--Went to pharmacy to pick up some meds.
--Dr's appointment.
--Went to the bank (for a withdrawal, what else?)
--Dry cleaners.
--Supermarket, to pick up a few items I forgot at yesterday's big shopping.
--Home. Lunch. Moved laundry to dryer (towels get the electric one) and folded other laundry.
--Made several phone calls (school, doctors, yelling at the Jerusalem Post).
--Read two chapters of Orli's science book, in Hebrew so that I could help her prepare for a test that's coming up soon.
chicken with peppers and onions.
broccoli kugel.
marble cake (not this recipe, even though it looks amazing).
--(In between the cooking), watched an episode of Top Design with Liat and Orli. We just enjoy that stuff.
--Cleaned the kitchen.
--Did not cook dinner; Thursday is usually "Fend for yourself night". And they did.
--Blogged (actually am blogging as we speak).

(Disbursed throughout the day were various conversations with daughters and husband).

The thing of it is, I know that this is a fairly typical day for many of us. Crazy, isn't it?

What did you do today?

PS I am not exaggerating--I really did do everyone of these things. Here's some of the evidence:


SuperRaizy said...

I'm totally laughing. Why is it that every woman's day always includes tons of laundry, no matter what else is going on? (I swear to you that I did laundry while I was in labor with all three of my kids.)
Also, I would've really love to have heard you yell at the Jerusalem Post.

Leora said...

I want that marble cake recipe! Yours is swirly.

Gotta run and do some laundry.

Jack Steiner said...

I am hungry.

Baila said...


I think it's because the kids never put their clothes away, and when they are told to clean their rooms they just put everything back in the hamper. It's an old trick that works (for them).


I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. (Just kidding, but stick with your recipe. Trust me on that one).


Come on over and have a feast!

Anonymous said...

These dishes look great.

Anonymous said...

"I am woman hear me roar" remember that song. It is amazing what we can get done in a day.
I am very impressed that you are reading a science textbook in hebrew!!!!
Food looks great what time is dinner?

A Living Nadneyda said...

I'm just afraid to try to list everything I do in a day... it would take too long! (Or maybe I'm afraid my memory isn't good enough and I'll forget the beginning of the day by the time it ends). Either way, we all work too hard.... but I would rather work too hard, knowing I am capable of doing so, than the alternatives.

frumhouse said...

I am impressed! The results look delicious!

Bas~Melech said...

Oh, and I started today by solving the economic crisis, then patenting the cure for the common cold virus, had lunch with the president then went with him to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Now I have to run off and save the world -- maybe I'll blog about it later.

Well... really I'm just impressed. I have a day off tomorrow during which I plan to get some sleep and study a lot.

Baila said...

Bas Melech,

Sounds like you had a productive day as well...

Batya said...

Oh, wow, to be young again.

Asher said...

sorry to disappoint you, but my Eshet CHayil does all that and goes to work in the middle. By the way, the laundry gets dries on the line, and only after that in the drier if at all.

Asher said...

ooops! "drier" is a comparison, Imeant "dryer" the noun!

Baila said...

Hey, Asher, not disappointed at all, but just to let you know I also work, pretty much full time.

I hope you let your wife know often how great you think she is.


JJ said...

What a day, what a day! I'm another mom who ALWAYS has laundry to do. Thursday is also "fend for yourself night" at our house! I love Thursdays :-)

Asher said...

think of cause and effect. Women cause a lot of laundry, the effect is that htere is a lot of laundry. admittedly my work clothes get washed at work (otherwise we'd have to buy another machine, dedicated to work clothes, and with a haz-mat sign) but apart from that I'd be doing a machine every fortnight, and that would be everything together, 30 degrees and press "go". So, where do the other 10 machine loads come from?