Sunday, September 21, 2008

No particular title today

You can read the full Jerusalem Post interview with Paul McCartney here. Even though I can't [sob] afford to go, he really does seem to be a good egg, in spite of the fact that he is like the richest man on the planet. (Or at least was until that tramp-of-an-[ex]-wife) took half of it).

Anyway, enjoy.

And, Haveil Havalim #183 is up at Jack's Place. So much reading to do, so little time.

P.S. If anyone has McCartney tickets and can't go at the last minute due to some crisis or something (not I wish that on anyone of course, but if it happens...) I will be happy to take the tickets of your hands. I mean, don't let them go unused, okay???


SuperRaizy said...

It seems that a lot of us middle-aged moms harbor a secret love for Paul. Read cruisin-mom's post at

Baila said...

I'm headed right over there. My love is not really a secret, but it's his TALENT I love (and okay that song "Silly Love Songs" was one of the first songs I listened to on WABC Radio).

And isn't that a cute picture?

mother in israel said...

Sherri Mandell wrote about him on also.

I saw someone selling a ticket for NIS 550. My good friend really wants to go, but says she is too old for the crowds.

cruisin-mom said...

wow, I love that picture of Paul. thanks for stopping by!

Batya said...

I wrote about it, too. How could I ignore it? I watched my dvd of "hard days night" to compensate.

aliyah06 said...

I missed the "last" Beatles concert in SF when I was a money, and my mom wouldn't let me go. Now I'm missing Paul's probably-only concert appearance in Israel -- same story--no money (we're in the last month of homebuilding--too many bills due). Shoot!

Leora said...

I just gave you an award:
A fish head and a blog award for the late-night mommy bloggers.