Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Going postal. No, really.

One thing that has fascinated me since I got here is how the Israel post office, known as the "Doar" is the one place you get everything done. And that means everything.

Here's a little contest. From the following list, can you pick out the ones that can't be done at the Doar?

--send and receive mail.
--open a bank account.
--get your shoes shined.
--sign up for health insurance.
--pay your bills.
--trade in a non-functioning remote control for a new one.
--register your car.
--buy stamps.
--pay for your speeding tickets.

The winner will receive, well, you'll receive nothing. Who can beat the satisfaction of a job well done? If you want to win big, play lotto.

This is a no-frills blog.


Anonymous said...

Send and receive mail????

mother in israel said...

Speeding ticket? Baila???

Anonymous said...

Can't get your shoes shined. Unless there's a shoe-shine-boy who set up shop outside the doar.

Leora said...

At first, I read one. But you wrote ones. That means this is a multiple-multiple choice question. Last time I had one of those was in 9th grade Jewish history class. None of us did well. Those are nasty.

But I know you are a nice person, so I'll guess:
"trade in a non-functioning remote control for a new one"

rutimizrachi said...

[Sigh.] You have hit on one of the few things I truly miss from Chu"l. Back in the day, my job required me to fly into different major airports around the US. What did I look for, before the Starbucks, before the Duty Free, and even before the wifi station? The shoe-shine man. Old, skinny black guy. Great skat rhythm on the shoes. Stories from America's 40s, 50s, and 60s. And great moral lessons.

I bet they don't offer THAT at the do'ar.

Lady-Light said...

Shoeshine and remote.
(found your blog from a comment on someone else's).
Kol haKavod in making aliyah with 3 teenagers: very hard time of life for them to switch countries and school and friends...and language.
How are they doing now (it's only a year)?
And where do you live again?

Anonymous said...

You forgot one that you can do...order school text books and supplies online from their website.

Anonymous said...

-get your shoes shined.??
I have no idea about the other one.

Batya said...

Not sure about the shoe-shining.

But you can pay a jay-walking ticket.
You can buy padded envelopes and boxes.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Look up pictures of wanted criminals?

Nope. That's only in America.

However, you can also pay for a gun license and buy cellphone cards :)