Thursday, September 25, 2008

"You like me, you really like me!"

I won an award!! Leora awarded me in the category of "Late-night mommy bloggers". I'd say it's the first prize I ever won, but that would be a lie. I once won a computer at a chinese auction and the next year, at the same chinese auction won a $500.00 gift certificate the The Wiz (an electronics store).

But this is better, finally having the recognition of my peers! I'm waiting for the designers to start calling me because I'm sure they all want me wearing their couture gowns to the awards ceremony.

Other nominees, (okay they're actually winners) were SuperRaizy, and Juggling Frogs, whom you probably know I read regularly, as well as Hadassahsabo and A Living Nadneyda. The latter are fairly new to me, but they are so good, I'll have to start checking their blogs as obsessively as I check all the rest. My late-nights will be getting later.

And thanks to Sally Fields for inspiring the title to this post (She actually said, in accepting the Best Actress Oscar in 1984 [G-d, was it that long ago???], "I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!" It's amazing what you learn from Google).

Anyhow, it's 12:43 a.m. here in Israel--this late-night mommy blogger is going to sleep so she can be well rested when the paparazzi comes to greet her in the morning.

(Thanks, Leora. You're the best!)


Anonymous said...

You were always #1 to me. congratulations on this well deserved honor. Leora needs to create an award that you can display on your blog page.

Leora said...

Right click on the image on my post and save the "I Love Your Blog" image on the top upper right. That's the award. I didn't design it; someone else did. One could probably do research on how far back it's been awarded. But both of us have better stuff to do with our time.

I'm so glad you are having fun with this. You are making me smile!

Oh, and then you are supposed to give the award to some other bloggers...

mother in israel said...

Mazal tov!

Anonymous said...

Mazal to from your number one fan, perhaps almost stalkerish!
Shabbat shalom,

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can I be part of your entourage? CK

A Living Nadneyda said...

Congratulations, Baila! It's been great reading you, too.

Wishes for a wonderful year, of complete health and happiness for all of you.