Thursday, July 24, 2008

When a friend goes back...

It was bound to happen. Not everyone who makes Aliyah finds what they are looking for here in this very special place. People do go back, for many, many different reasons.

My friend is going back in a few weeks. I met her through another friend shortly after we arrived. She was (and still is) warm and welcoming and generous. Her daughters and mine have become very close. This has not been an easy decision for this family, but it is right for them.

I know over the years this will happen. I am hoping that as time goes on I will become more entrenched in this new life of mine and that it won't bring up these feelings of....I'm not sure what it is I'm feeling, but it is a certain discomfort.

I suppose the end of a dream comes with baggage. You dream of it, think it is right for you, work toward it and then when you achieve it, you find it isn't exactly what you wished for. That's life-changing.

But for my friends, there are other dreams to think about now. I wish them ease in their transition and all the best always. They will be sorely missed.


Leora said...

This is very honest and open of you.

Life is often like that, not perfect. My husband used to say that it's not the idealists who "make" it living in Israel but the ones who genuinely love the lifestyle (many of his childhood friends have moved to Israel).

It's hard to have to say goodbye to a good friend; I've felt that way when friends have left to make aliyah. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's disturbing to see in others negative feelings we dread we might experience.
Shabbat Shalom.