Saturday, July 26, 2008

I get a Mazal Tov!

I'm taking myself out to dinner and buying myself a really expensive present.

After all, I just celebrated the first anniversary of my first blog post.

And they said I couldn't do it.

Actually, no one said that, except me in my own head.

I was introduced to the world of blogging by my friend Carol, who told me to read Orthomom. Through her, I found many other blogs, some of which are no longer published. I spent a good deal of time reading through archives--hours in front of the computer. My television watching plummeted. After about six months of reading, I started wondering if I should start my own blog. But I wasn't sure what I was going to say.

When we decided to make Aliyah, I decided to blog about it. Original, I know. Still, I figured that since I am the only me, no one else would have exactly the same experience as I was having. In that sense it would be original. I was writing it as a way of letting my people back in the states know what I was going through. The blog was never intended to be a diary of my life, but rather a reflection of what I am going through over here. I wanted it to have humor, but also honesty and even sadness where that was appropriate.

I was surprised (and pleased) when I started to get comments from people I didn't know, and then from some of my favorite bloggers. It feels good to have others enjoy what you are writing. It's a bit weird to consider someone you haven't ever met a friend, isn't it? But somehow you do establish a sort of virtual community with fellow bloggers. Through their blogs, and sometimes offline, I feel like I've gotten to know Leora, Jack, Jameel,, Gila, RivkA,, Mom,, Raizy, Bahn-gay,, RR, and of course the brilliant Trep and Robert J. Avrech.

Blogging has become very important to me. My family would say I am addicted to it, but I know I can stop anytime I want to :D. I sometimes regret not being anonymous, because then I could really get to the nitty-gritty of what I'm feeling, or post really personal things about the kids and the (very rare) arguments I have with Isaac. Maybe I will start a blog about My Dark Side. But then you guys would never know it was me...

What's really exciting is that I hopefully will get to actually meet some of my fellow bloggers very soon. Nefesh B'Nefesh actually stole my idea. I've always thought we should have a mass meeting of bloggers, but since I'm not a big organization, I hadn't the foggiest idea of how to put it together. But NBN, of course, figured it out and is sponsoring a Blogger's Convention in Jerusalem on August 20. It's going to be a bit like internet dating, meeting all these people in person.

And they'll be meeting me! I better get back to the pool...

Here's to many more years of blogging, making friends, and new beginnings....


Leora said...

My television watching plummeted Love it! (unfortunately, my book reading has dropped a bit, too, but I'm spending a lot more time reading the parsha in the hopes that maybe I'll get an inspiration for a blog post).

Looking forward to hearing about the Blogger's Convention.

Phyllis Sommer said...

mazel tov! i am way jealous that i'm not planning to be in israel in august!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Many Many more!

(Looking fwd to seeing you at the NbN Blogger convention...will be wearing the yellow smiley face)

Anonymous said...


Mazal Tov on your First Blog Anniversary.

It's a major accomplishment.

Look forward to meeting you at the NBN convention.

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog, it keeps me up to date with what is happeneing in your life. I probably know more about your day to day life than i did when you lived a few blocks away. this whole blog thing is very addicting and i can spend hours checking up on everyone.

Baila said...

Leora & Phyllis,

Thank you. Do you think diamonds are to extravagant a gift? I wish you guys could come to the convention...can't you snag a seat from NBN?


I think you're going to be awfully sweaty in that yellow face thingie, but hey, its your call. Will you be providing waffles for all us hungry bloggers?


Thank you for stopping by. I am looking forward to your posts about the NBN flight and the convention, and of course to meeting you.


I am so glad you keep on reading. I usually think about you when I write because I know that sooner or later you check in. It's good for us to be able to stay in touch this way, no?

Ezzie said...


Anonymous said...

Long life to your blog.
I, too, rarely watch tv any more; not that I watched that much before.

Gila said...

Mazal tov! Looking forward to meeting you at the convention.

Jack Steiner said...

Happy Blogiversary. Looking forward to meeting you at the conference. I'll be the Jewish guy with the Olive skin and dark hair.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel really emotional. Not only did you make aliyah and leave me behind, but you only need to read your blog to see how much you have grown in a year! You are now a blogger, a (practically professional) tour guide, etc. And I am still just drinking coffee and reading.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and happy anniversary!!!!I ho are taking you out to dinner tonight. I really enjoy your reading your blog.


Baila said...

Ezzi, ID, and Gila,



Are you serious? You're coming? That would be so great...


From where I sit, ain't nothin' wrong with coffee and books. (And I still think you're an anonymous blogger somewhere).


I think I have to take myself out to dinner to celebrate, my family doesn't think it's all that momentous occasion...I could take YOU out to dinner....

mother in israel said...

Mazal tov and see you there.

Jack Steiner said...


As of today I am part of the crowd.

Batya said...

It'll be nice to f2f next month.

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me. I feel the same way. I wish that I could be in Jerusalem to meet you (and other bloggers) at the NBN conference, but I will be watching from NY, so please wave at me!
Mazal Tov on your blogoversary!

Lion of Zion said...

מזל טוב

"I sometimes regret not being anonymous, because then I could really get to the nitty-gritty of what I'm feeling . . ."

same here.