Monday, November 26, 2007

Jerusalem on the Table

On Sunday, I heard on the news that there was a high alert in Jerusalem, due to information that a suicide bomber was trying to infiltrate the city. All the schools went into immediate lockdown and I'm sure most people stuck close to home. After a few hours the alert was lifted, and everything returned to normal as it could be.

How did I feel? Uneasy. I truly believe that G-d is in control of everything, and what's meant to be, is meant to be. But with this "Peace Conference" in Annapolis looming, there is bound to be an increase in these incidents.

It's mind-boggling. Others have bargained so much, given away so much, but Jerusalem was always not negotiable. And now Olmert is in the states and talking about giving part of the city away.

About giving away our heart.

He does not have the support of the people. Yes, everyone here wants peace. They are tired of losing their sons and daughters to war, and to suicide bombers. But how can we give them everything, when they give nothing. They are not even willing to recognize our existence. We gave them Gush Katif on a silver platter. That has turned into an unmitigated disaster. Kassam rockets rain down daily on Sderot. Even some of the people who were behind that plan have acknowledged its failure.

So why do we think it will be better this time? And with Jerusalem no less? Are George Bush and Condoleeza Rice so concerned about their legacy that they are willing to sacrifice Israel for it? This is a conference of a bunch of terrorist, hooligan states, Abu Mazen (who has lost control of Gaza and has very tenuous control of the West Bank), and Israel. Why are we hanging out with these people?

We can't let Jerusalem be divided. We just can't. So I'm passing along this e-mail from Rabbi H. Billet at the Young Israel of Woodmere:

"If you wish your voice to be heard on behalf of an undivided Jerusalem ,log on to this website and follow the easy directions.It is all for free.Remember the religious issue aside, there is a serious security issue.If Israel leaves and the PA enters,they may be followed by Hamas as we know from the Gaza experience.I think everyone would agree that Kassam rockets or just bullets into parts of Jewish Jerusalem is intolerable.If the IDF withdraws from parts of East Jerusalem this scenario is unfortunately a real possibility.


And when you're done with that, pray.

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