Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So now he's a goniff too!

I got the following off the AOL website:

Is O.J. Being Treated Unfairly by Police?


Posted: 2007-09-18 07:00:09
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LAS VEGAS (Sept. 17) - News conferences, a slew of felony charges, a perp walk in handcuffs and detention in a holding cell without bail - it's clear authorities aren't giving O.J. Simpson any celebrity breaks.

Police insist such treatment is prudent for a man whose name is synonymous with a slow-speed chase from officers in a white Ford Bronco. But legal experts are questioning whether Simpson is being singled out for extra-tough prosecution in his casino-hotel robbery case as payback for his murder acquittal more than a decade ago.

The big joke is that now he's going to write a sequel to his book and call it: "If I had stolen it..."

PS You know what this means...? I learned how to move things from other websites to the blog! You guys are all in for lots of fun tidbits now....

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