Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11.

I just couldn't let this day go by without acknowledging it. Over here in Israel its a casual mention in the news. Unfortunately they have had so many 9/11s in this country that they relate to it only to well...but for Americans the day has become a true day of reckoning for many. September 11 is the day America learned to be afraid. And though I specifically might be known as "Doomsday Brecher", I believe that on 9/11 all of our frames of mind changed. We lost our innocence as a nation, and the fear is still lurking, somewhere, out there.

I will always remember that day of violence. And then the silence of our town, as the planes stopped flying. The skies were clear blue and the weather was crisp. Three days later the skies opened up and the world teemed as rescuers and searchers continued their work. G-d Himself was crying.

The fear recedes, and that's a good thing. We can't let it rule our lives. We must separate from that fear and put it in a place from which it can't escape to often, because if we didn't the joy of life, of living wouldn't be there. I think that is how the Israelis are able to go on in the face of everything they have been through.

Still, I know we will always carry a place in our hearts for September 11, and remember the innocent lives lost on that day. May their memory be a blessing for us all.

Check out this website for up-to-date news from Israel:


Today's headlines talk about the 65 soldiers wounded in a kassam attack (bombs were launched from Gaza). It was a direct hit on an army base south of Ashkelon. That's like Baltimore being bombed (its even much closer than Baltimore, maybe the Jersey shore). Mull that over!

Even though I am the only person in this country not cooking tomorrow, I probably will not have a chance to write again. I wish all of you a shana tova, a year of peace, for the world and for our souls, a year of joy, and a year of continued blessings from G-d...

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