Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Another Day...

I had thought about writing a detailed post about our visit today to Hadassah-Ein Kerem Medical Center, but then decided against it because it might impinge on my daughter's privacy. Many of you will probably hear about it on the phone (love that American line), but since by definition this blog can be read by anyone, I feel uncomfortable putting to much detail here. Suffice it to say that Isaac and I were impressed, both by the doctor and the facility, and I feel much relieved to have been able to do this so quickly.

But I am struggling with the issue of how much to write on this blog. As I said, I need to honor my family's privacy. Is their a way I can do that, and still express what I need to express? When I was sending almost daily e-mails to everyone about L earlier this year, was I being unfair to her? (She has read those e-mails, by the way and was okay with it). What about pictures? I'd love to post them, but am hesitating. (Ozzy made me sign some kind of waiver before I put up his picture...) I read many other blogs. Some of them are completely anonymous--where even their friends don't know its them. Others are semi-anonymous, and yet others choose to identify themselves. On the one hand being anonymous affords one the ability of expressing opinions and saying things without any repurcussions. But this blog is not really anonymous; and if someone is reading this who doesn't know me,what difference does it make? What do you guys think I should do?

I do think I can comment on the ride to the medical center. Rather than going through Jerusalem, we went around Jerusalem on this beautiful mountain road that just took my breath away. And guess what??? We gave a chayal a tremp! Isaac and I were like two kids we were so happy to do this. L just rolled her eyes, but she thought it was fun too. And of course he wished us a "Chatima Tova" when he left the car. (I wanted to photograph him [for the blog!!!!] but was to embarrassed to ask, much to L's relief. And its probably not smart to post a chayal's picture on the internet). The picture is a view from Hadassah of the road we took to get there.

Anyway in order to get into the medical center, you have to walk through a MALL! I'm not talking about a couple of little shops, I'm talking a big mall, with lots of great SHOPPING. There were actually patients walking around. There is a food court and everything. So if you don't like the hospital food, you just go down and get a bite to eat at any of the restaurants, cafes, bakeries, all of which seemed to be KOSHER. Now who's the genius who thought of that?


The other night we finally made it to the kotel. It was a beautiful, cool evening and we stayed for a long time davening for the year to come. May Hashem hear our tefilot! Then we walked up through Shaar Yafo to the new Mamila Mall--how nice was that. We bumped into several people we knew. And when people asked, "how long are you staying?" , we answered, "Forever!" [with G-d's Help]

Okay, the Israeli's are truly brilliant. They change the clock here before Yom Kippur so the fast is over at 6 P.M. On the other hand that means we start at 5, so I have to go shower so we can sit down to eat before the fast. And someone told me its illegal to drive a car on Yom Kippur so Israeli's bike ride everywhere (to shul?). Not sure if that's true or not though...

I hope tomorrow is truly meaningful for all of you and that all of your requests are granted....

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