Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is school over yet?

My younger two, Tali and Orli, attend the local Ulpana (girl's high school) here in Modi'in. Both of them are happy there, have lots of friends and are even learning a bit.

But this drives me insane.

School uniforms.

Now, I think school uniforms are fine. Certainly makes a mother's life easier and theoretically should cut down on the clothing budget.


The local ulpana's school uniform is a baseball jersey that comes in a variety of lovely and gruesome color combos with the school logo on the front and something else on the back of the shirt. It's not particularly flattering, but that probably is the point.

As you can imagine the girls just love wearing that uniform. Meaning they do everything they can to get out of it.

I insist they wear it, but I am met with resistance from....the ulpana itself.

As soon as the winter comes (which means, here in Modi'in you may need to don a light sweater), the kids are no longer required to wear them, because it's cold and they're wearing sweatshirts anyway.

Also, some teachers (like Orli's) are very strict about the uniform and others (like Tali's) aren't.

Finally, if you are tiny, big, skinny, fat, tall or short you may be excused from wearing the uniform because the shirt may not fit properly (which is such a load of...).

So I argue all the time with the kids about putting on their uniform and then drop them off at school listening to them say, "you see how many kids don't wear it".

When I ran into Orli's teacher the other day, she complained about Orli's lack of consistency. And I in turn complained about the school's lack of consistency (and felt much better after I did so, I might add). The teacher seemed just as frustrated as I was--because she knows she is strict about this and doesn't have the back-up of the school.

I mean if you have a rule, stick to it.

Which is what I'm doing now. Everyone wears their uniform, whether their teacher cares or not.

It's fun times in the morning here at Casa Baila.


Mrs. S. said...

if you are tiny, big, skinny, fat, tall or short you may be excused from wearing the uniform

All I can say is: Seriously?!

I am SO looking forward to next year, when uniforms become mandatory everywhere... [NOT!]

Commenter Abbi said...

Ah, the blessings of a first grader... uniforms have never been a problem in this house.

Also, in general, the entire school population in Ranaana wears them, no matter what school and no matter what season.

Avital had long sleeve ones in the winters and i got these really nice cardigans which were promptly lost when i sent her to school in them... Also they sold sweatshirts with the same school logo.

OneTiredEma said...

My only objection to the school shirts is that Miss M still likes dresses and won't be able to wear them on school days. I.e., every day except shabbat.

mother in israel said...

Abbi, I recommend the thin tricot ones with long sleeves and adding a generic sweatshirt or jacket when needed. They keep classrooms so warm anyway.

Our ulpana is not nearly so forgiving as yours, Baila. Some teachers don't check though.My daughter is okay with uniforms. They recently had a crackdown and sent a bunch of girls home.

Baila said...

Hannah, I wouldn't call it "forgiving", but rather annoying. The school uniform is not the only issue the school isn't consistent on. At first I thought it was a cultural thing, but Liat attends a different ulpana where things are more mesudar. It makes my life more difficult when the school is completely inconsistent with their own rules.

RivkA with a capital A said...

it's the same with a dress code.

I am so frustrated.

If you have a dress code, then enforce it.

If you are not going to enforce it, then do not have a dress code!

I am fine either way.

But the schools all have a dress code that they do not enforce!