Monday, June 7, 2010

What a way to make a livin'

Just some news from the work front.

I've now been 2+ years at my current place of work. I know how the place works, the politics. People know me and I feel comfortable there.

Professionally, I'm excited to say that the politicians have come to their senses and I will be receiving a license here in Israel. It should arrive within the next decade or so, but in the meantime I am working legally and can say my education, license and experience is recognized by the Ministry of Health.

I've been attending a Continuing Education course on Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) once weekly since January. The course was sponsored and completely paid for by my place of work. It was given by one of the top people in the field, worldwide, who lives here in little 'ol Israel. She has become a mentor of sorts. It was an amazing opportunity and I am very appreciative of it. It seems that after all these years of being a practising speech therapist, I am finally developing an area of expertise. I am debating taking this to a whole new level by getting even more training and then marketing myself to this niche here in Israel.

On the last day of the course I was asked to present an example of some treatment based on the theories we had been learning. It was to be presented to the other attendees as well the people in charge of organizing the course and the college through which some of the others got credit for. Of course I had to present in Hebrew. I was a nervouse wreck. I sped through the thing, knowing that had I presented in English I would have done a much better, thorough job. Still I got some Kol HaKavods [atta girl] and I just responded by saying thank you, rather than saying, "Oh but I was awful", which I was.

I guess that's the update. If any of you know anyone who needs some speech therapy in the Modi'in area, I'm your girl.


Anonymous said...

So impressed that you did it in Hebrew! And very very proud.


Gila Rose said...

Kol hakavod! We may be in touch a year or two if Yaakov hasn't figured out how to say his English "r." He does a great "rrrraysh," though.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! So proud! No wonder I never see you. Hey, do you work with older kids????

Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavode, Baila! Yes, I too was wondering where you had "disappeared" to. Now I know. From the experiences I've had with 2 of my kids who needed a speech therapist here in Israel, I can tell you that it is a good niche to be in (esp in the private sector). You must have a great feeling of satisfation - which you well deserve! Drop us pshootei-am a line when you have a minute.


Baila said...

Hi, CK!

Gila, I hate treating the "r"! It seems alot of Anglo/Israeli kids have a problem with me if doesn't correct itself by the time he's about 5.


Older kids? Call me and let me know what exactly you're talking about.


Headed right over to FB you.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! So proud of you, I'm sure you were great.