Monday, July 20, 2009

No rush

Today, Orli innocently said to me, "Mommy, when are we going shopping for school supplies?"

After I was revived I cried, "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY ORLI???"

Really, now. Her mentioning this is akin to talking about Pesach (the word makes me shudder) in February. Is it really necessary to bring up such unpleasant memories while we are on our Chofesh HaGadol [big vacation]? I'm still working, but I consider it a vacation if I don't have to drag three teens (well Orli's not a teen yet, but that's just splitting hairs) out of bed, prepare their lunches and (please pass the smelling salts) help them with homework.

To compound matters, this morning the nice DJ on the radio announced that it is "the end of the beginning of the chofesh hagadol". Who asked you, I muttered and quickly changed the station.

People, listen to me. There is no reason to rush life along--we'll all get to the end soon enough. No reason to start counting down to Christmas on Halloween, Pesach on Tu B'shvat and school in July. And so I announce to you that I will not start looking at knapsacks, spiral notebooks, pens, markers, and other assorted supplies before the fifteenth of August, at the earliest.

Do you hear that, Orli-imposter? Now give me back my child.

I now return to my regular vacation position.

Stop bothering me I'm still on vacation


Anonymous said...

I like this! I wish the supermarkets around here read your post.

Israel W. said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Apparently we do have a lot in common. By the way we are also in Modiin.
Regarding your post, I found myself buying today a 250 shekel backpack for my daughter that's going to 1st grade, apparently there is no other choice. I have never used a backpack as large as that except when I went backpacking in Europe. I also had to get the wheels, of course.

Henya said...

I hear you. The kids are all home, everything is upside down, but the mornings are so relaxed, and the nights are easier too.

Baila said...

ID, just don't go to the supermarket until school starts ;-)

Israel, thanks for visiting back so soon! 250 shekel????? for a first grader??? What will you do when she is in high school?

Henya, welcome! I checked out your blog and was so impressed with your talent.

Marta said...

But if you don't go now, all the Ben 10 knapsacks will be out of stock, and you'll have to settle for something uncool.