Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A bit of a wake-up call

Today, I got a phone call from Orli at about 11 a.m. I don't usually see her in the morning, as she and Tali are usually sleeping when I leave. I leave them a "love note" and we check in with each other when they wake up.

"Mommy, a man came to the door and I opened it and he said he was working outside and he needed some water. So I gave him a water bottle and he said thank you and he left."

WHAT THE--????

"Orli", I said. "Go to the door right now and lock it. Lock the top lock as well."

I heard a note of panic in Orli's voice. "It is locked, mommy. We always keep the door locked when you're not home. Did I do something wrong? The man looked like he was going to pass out."

I sighed. My 12-year-old daughter who is sometimes so savvy, who knows way more about things than she should, is still so innocent. All she was trying to do was help someone in need.

When I got home I had a talk with the girls. Okay, maybe it was more a lecture. But they have to know that they can't just go opening the door to strangers, even in Israel. Perhaps even more so in Israel. In a way, I'm glad this happened, because it caused me to have this conversation with them.

If your kids are spending alot of time at home alone this summer, please don't forget to have this conversation with them.

Wishing all a safe summer.

PS Toby has done a great job with Haveil Havalim this week. Go check it out.


Leora said...

It's good you had a talk with them. We had a horrible, horrible experience a few years back when a young (frum) woman opened the door to her home and was molested. They eventually caught the guy, after he did the same to some Rutgers women.

It's a scary world out there. Especially for young teenage girls.

On the other hand, isn't it nice that she noticed he was sorely in need of a drink? No easy answers in life.

Anonymous said...

we recently had a similar experience with jonathan, he opened the door to someone cuz he thought it was his daddy. After he realized it wasn't he called evan downstairs. luckily it was someone dropping off a little league check for michael. I had a "talk" with jonny as well about this subject. I think he learned his lesson. According to evan, j was terrified when he realized it was not michael. An important life lesson was learned, thankfully without any harm.


Batya said...

I'm glad that they're all fine. Once never knows what's lurking.

JJ said...

Glad it was really just a guy who wanted a drink. I've also given my kids the "don't open the door til you know who's there" speech. I hope they've got it down pat- they've seen me do it myself often enough.(yep, I won't open the door without knowing who it is.)

Robin said...

Glad it all ended well and he really was just thirsty.

My son has a (VERY short) list of who he's allowed to open the door for. Not on the list, they don't get in. Period.

Sad, but necessary.