Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and let's not forget Ed McMahon, or never speak ill of the dead

Listen, noone knows better than me (except CK, my celebrity-watching idol friend) about the trials and tribulations of these stars. They've been bankrupt, drug addicted, and most disturbingly accused of child molestation.

Michael Jackson, specifically, seemed the most damaged. He was a talented performer. I remember Motown's 25th Anniversary, where he performed Billie Jean and did his moonwalk for the first time. The country went crazy. He was everywhere during my college years. His fall from grace was sad, so much more now that he will be remembered as much for it as he will for his music. Kinda reminds of Elvis.

There's alot of nasty stuff being said about him out there. Personally, I feel the man is dead; whatever you think of him, why not leave it alone now?

These three were icons of my youth. More than missing them, their deaths make me nostalgic about certain periods of my life. Ah, well the sun rises, and sets, as my mother says.

Life goes on.

(I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, too).


Leora said...

If someone were molested by anyone as a child, I would give them full permission to say as much as they want against Michael Jackson. Yuck, is all I can say. Let one's anger rip, if it is at all helpful.

Sorry to hear about the deaths of the other celebrities.

mother in israel said...

At the risk of sounding insensitive, my first reaction is "Who cares?" I'm sorry for the family's loss, but not because they were famous.

Batya said...

Strange that they died the same few days.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear about Farrah, i hope she was spared the pain.

Michael i believe was a tortured soul who never found his happiness or his peace.

Ed's death made me think of my dad he loved the Jonny Carson show, those 2 together that was funny television.