Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Vacation

It's already begun for the two older ones; tomorrow is Orli's last day. Don't ask me why, but I felt the need to reiterate, re-emphasize and repeat some rules. I posted these in a very obvious place--the refridgerator door:


**You ate it--now put it away. Including the dish (but please wash that first).

**If it's yours, it should be in YOUR room. Get it out of any common areas, including the living room, dining room and kitchen.

**If you finished the frozen water, refill it. Same goes for ice cube trays.

**No feet on mommy's sheets. Offenders will be banned from the room.

**Feel free to clean something--ANYTHING--at any time.

And you feel free to add any other rules I might like.

Happy summer vacation to all--especially my girls. "magiah lahen"--they deserve it.


SuperRaizy said...

The rules are great, but...
are you implying that your three teenagers will be spending the entire summer at home? No camp? No classes? No jobs?
Please say it isn't so. Find some way to get those kids out of the house each day or it's going to be a very loooong summer.

Baila said...

No Raizy, they each are being occupied in one way or another--jobs, some camp, some "chugim", but there will be alot of unstructured time. It's just not like in the states--here there is much more time. And I've arranged my work schedule so that I'll be home by 1 in the afternoon.

Hopefully, it will be okay.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the mom with teenagers on vacation. They do tend to forget that we're not at their service and that we need a break too.
I love your rules.
Glad you joined David's challenge again.

Rachel said...

**No feet on mommy's sheets. Offenders will be banned from the room

One of my biggies! Why don't they get it? I don't put my dirty, stinky feet on their beds!

Happy summer vacation. BTW, the drive to Ben and Jerry's was so worth it!

Leora said...

Raizy would be appalled by my 14.5 year old. His aim this summer: not much. He gets out by going to a friend's house where they do: not much. He's a lot cheaper than my other two kids, one of whom chooses local expensive programs then far away sleep away camp.

The ice cube tray thing is great. I need a big sign for mine. I was wondering why I had two empty trays in my refrigerator last month.

Batya said...

Ice cube tray... love it!

Commenter Abbi said...

I agree Baila

Summer here in no way resembles summer in the U.S. Day camps are for 1-2 weeks at a time, as are sleepaway camps, though I can't complain since my daughter's gans both become day camps that run through the end of July, first week in August.

But I like that kids have more freedom and they're not shipped off for months at a time. Israeli mothers can barely handle when their 18 year olds go into the army for 6 weeks of the initial tironut! I can't imagine them ever sending them away for 2 months at a time, like my parents did with me.

Mrs. S. said...

Abbi - That explains why the machaneh still has a visiting day (or evening, as the case may be)... even though it's only 2-7 days long (depending on the kid's age)!

Baila said...

Glad you like 'em. See you on Walkertracker. :-)


I try to avoid any of my body parts touching their dirty, stinky beds. And glad you enjoyed B and J's.

Leora and Muse,

We have four ice cube trays; sometimes they are all empty and IN THE FREEZER! Drives me nuts.


Summer is a totally different mentality here. But I think it's hard for us "older" olim to make the change.

Mrs. S,

That's just crazy--I mean visiting day when camp is only a week long.