Sunday, April 5, 2009

So sue me. I paid someone to do it.

Actually two big, strapping men came to my house and cleaned my oven and fridge. Now these men are not professional cleaners, they are just looking to make a few extra shekel during the holiday season. So when they said they would clean my fridge and oven, they meant it.

They didn't touch the freezer. I don't think it was out of any kind of malice or laziness or they would have charged extra. I think it's because of that whole Venus-Mars thing: I didn't say clean the freezer, so why would they?

So I made Tali clean it....heh, heh. [Evil, I know].

At Shabbat lunch yesterday I gave everyone a pep talk. They would be home before Shabbat ended. And they would not be retiring to their individual pursuits after havdalah, they would await their orders, because it was time to.....[cue horror music] CLEAN THE KITCHEN....

Of course there was moaning and groaning, do you think I'm raising a bunch of saints? But after a bit everyone settled into their tasks, and for a few minutes there it was kind of nice, working together toward a common goal. For a few minutes anyway.

So things are coming along nicely and it looks like we may be ready to have our seder at its regularly scheduled time.

(And tonight I have fresh sheets. YAY!)

BTW, a very lovely edition of Haveil Havalim, the Jewish Blog Carnival, is now up over at Ima on and off the Bima. Check it out!


Leora said...

You are a good manager. Paying some folks to do one piece is a particularly smart healthy move.

Enjoy the remainder of the pre-Pesach madness.

OneTiredEma said...

I totally should have paid someone, but I had to prep the apt to be on the market anyway. So much more than the kitchen! :-) (Full disclosure: I have a cleaning lady, so last Thursday instead of doing the whole house, which was so comparatively neat anyway, she just did the dining area and the kitchen (fridge/freezer, etc).

I started cooking today. Cripes.

Anonymous said...

You can take the girl out of the 5 towns but you can't take the 5 towns out of the girl (just kidding, you are so not 5 towns). Good for you, one less thing to worry about. Are you off from work these next few days?

Anonymous said...

You got help then; good for you!

SuperRaizy said...

Good for you! Paying someone to do your dirty work is what freedom is all about.
Wishing you a happy pesach!