Saturday, March 21, 2009

1,000 days

What were you doing on June 25, 2006?

That year it was a Sunday. I was probably having a lazy day. Perhaps I was packing Liat up for camp, doing some shopping. It's likely that we were barb-b-q-ing, either at our home or at a friend's. I know I was thinking about our upcoming month-long vacation in Israel in August; we had been planning and saving for this vacation for over two years.

While you and I are were going about our business, early on Sunday morning Gilad was captured by Palestinian terrorists who attacked an Israeli army post on the Israeli side of the southern Gaza Strip border after having crossed through an underground tunnel near the Kerem Shalom border crossing. 1,000 days have passed since then.

What did you do today?

What do you think Gilad did?


Anonymous said...

We honored him today in our shul with a program after davening. Our kids did some readings. I hope he has some clue how much people are thinking about him and praying for him.


Anonymous said...

2006? Planning daughter's 4th birthday?

Today...went to a bar-mitzvah. The closest thing to anything newsy or political I heard was a joke that Blagovich now has a job selling seats for Rosh Hashana.

No, there was one of the rabbis did mention the mother of one of the boys who was murdered at Merkaz Harav, the mother who had been American and had converted to Judaism. Because she liked the idea of sanctifying the mundane.

Anonymous said...

Wow. June 25, 2006. That was a couple of weeks before my daughter was born. He has been in captivity her entire life.
That really puts things in perspective for me.

Baila said...


I'm glad your shul acknowledged the day and got the kids involved. They must have quite a president. ;-)


Didn't understand what you were saying--she converted to Judaism because she like sanctifying the mundane?


And in that time, your daughter has gone from a tiny, helpless baby to a toddler to an-almost-3 year old who probably has quite a personality. Really does give perspective on time.

Batya said...

Darling, you got something wrong here. It's not "our job."

The pressure has to be put on the terrorists on the Arabs. It's not a question of Israel offering more or less. Pressure should also be put on all the red cross type aid organizations, human rights etc, demanding that they get him out.

Robin said...

I can't bear to think about it to be honest. What he must be going through, what his poor parents and brother must be going through...

Baila said...
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Baila said...

Batya, the intent of the post was to point out that it has been 1000 DAYS since Gilad was kidnapped, and the perspective of time, the heartache that we all feel at his captivity. I'm not exactly sure what I got wrong.

Robin, I know. It's hard to think about it--but it's the least we could do.