Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow expected in my old neck of the woods

On Fridays, while getting ready for Shabbat, I sometimes listen to WCBS-AM Radio. This was an all-news station I used to listen to in New York. Today, it was all about the snow headed your way. For a moment, I felt nostalgic. Aww, I miss the snow, I thought.

And then came the traffic reports, school closings and train delays. I recalled navigating the LIE and Cross Island Expressway in the snow, on a Friday where Shabbat starts so early. I remembered worrying about freezing pipes and leaking basements.

And I thought, I'm okay with no snow.*

I don't think you're getting this much snow!

*Today's weather in Modi'in:

22 °C / 71.6 °F
Humidity: 11. %
Light W Wind
Chance of rain: 0 %
High Clouds

Shabbat Shalom!


SuperRaizy said...

"Today's weather in Modiin"- rubbing it in, aren't you?
Right now it's 9:20 AM in New York. The snow has started falling already in the Five Towns (Flash's school is cancelled)but here in Brooklyn the snow hasn't started yet. I'm heading out to stock up on groceries (including ingredients for making latkes for Sunday night.) Enjoy your warm weather!

Leora said...

I love snow. We do have some flurries here in New Jersey as I type, but not like Chicago.

Sadly, only Israel seems to still be in drought mode. A blogger reported that Australia got rain.

Anonymous said...

it is now 2:30 in the five towns, i am still at work. there is a wet heavy snow. Ethan had no school and the other three are already home. Great night for a cup of hot tea and a snuggle with my kids on the sofa. thank g-d i have a short commute. Please go out on your mirpeset in your 71 º weather look up at the sun and think of me freezing my butt off here in Cedarhurst.

Baila said...

I guess I was rubbing it in guys. But Israel is suffering from no rain, and we will not doubt pay the price for it soon. So enjoy your snow (I do miss it!), stay warm and have a shavua tov!

Anonymous said...

I will send you a snow ball and then you will remember that it is only pretty when it falls and blankets evrything around and creates a small window of serenity. but after the snow comes the ice, black ice if you recall slippery to drive on and not easily seen when you walk. 71 sounds great to me. Issac's shovel works like a charm. we miss you!!!