Sunday, December 28, 2008

Israel unleashes its strength....and the world reacts as expected

Surprise, surprise.

Disproportionate response. Sure. For how long must Israel allow unprovoked attacks on its people before it reacts?

Where do you live? Woodmere? Teaneck? San Diego? If kassam rockets were being launched daily from say, Westchester or San Francisco would you not want, no demand some kind of government protection and reaction? If Mexico started throwing missiles into Dallas, how many years do you think the US should show "restraint" for? One? Five? EIGHT YEARS???

I don't understand the reaction of the media, but I'm not surprised by it. I saw an interview on Sky News (nauseating) where a Hamas henchman, when questioned about the kassam rockets being tossed into Israel, actually stated, "oh those missiles don't really do any harm". Right. Your missiles don't do any harm.

We want peace. We do. In 1948, we would have happily accepted the UN partition plan which split the land into two states. The plan was wholly rejected by the Arabs, who vowed to push us into the sea. Thus began Israel's Independance War, a war still being fought with blood and tears. We have made huge concessions (Gush Katif, anyone?)since then, only to be provoked again and again. I've said it before: Israel is strong, we just need to be allowed to use our strength to protect and defend our people.

May G-d protect our soldiers and give our leaders the strength of character to do the right thing.

BTW, Jameel is live-blogging the Gaza Incursion and is doing an excellent job of it. For updated information go check him out.



Anonymous said...

I posted about this too, saying roughly the same thing. When I explain this to people I use Belgian for the analogy.

Phyllis Sommer said...

yes, exactly. i use the same analogies. well said.

Leora said...

I did find one non-Jewish poster (a conservative American) who used the analogy of rockets falling into Texas from Mexico.

I pay little attention to the news analysis, and I pay lots of attention to bloggers. Journalism is so biased; it is basically a sick profession nowadays.

Israel just needs to continue to do the right thing (protect itself) and say thank you to the few that offer support (there are Americans that do, despite what the pathetic media may say).

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Thanks for the link :)