Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Sukkah goes up in Modi'in

Actually hundreds of Sukkot have been going up in Modi'in. But in honor of this
holiday, זמן שמחתינו (Z'man Simchatenu--the season of our joy), I'm going to show you our Sukkah going up:

The "machzor" (specific prayer book for the holiday) is so fat because one year we left it in the rain.

I am so proud that my girls are old enough to really contribute to this great mitzvah and ritual. They actually decorated the Sukkah all by themselves. I didn't get on the ladder once.

"May you be blessed as you enter".

"May you be blessed as you leave".

For those celebrating, and those not, may this truly be the season of our joy!

Chag Sameach to all!!

BTW, Haveil Havalim #186 is up and running here. Have fun reading.

And I'm hosting next week, so make sure to submit, submit, and submit. Do it early--I want it done by Friday....


Leora said...
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Leora said...

The "machzor" (specific prayer book for the holiday) is so fat because one year we left it in the rain.

It's lovely! Enjoy. Have a great chag.

Mrs. S. said...

What a pretty succah! The Israeli flag is a nice touch. Did you have that hanging in your succah in the States as well, or is that a post-aliyah addition?

Moadim L'Simchah.

Jack Steiner said...

Looks nice.

Batya said...

What a gorgeous, k'naina haraa, succah!
Looks like a nice neighborhood.

YMedad said...

Is it something religious for your family not to look into the camera? Enjoy the chag and may the schach not fall into your soup.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sukkah. Enjoy the chag.

aliyah06 said...


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh!!! we remember your succah well, we were reminiscing about it as we sat in ours. we remember how it started in the front of the driveway and moved further back each year as it grew in size. we had many a great time in that succah filled with great food and great friends!!! I am sure this tradition continues.


Baila said...

Thank you all!

Ymedad, it's not a religious thing, it's just that my family prefers for me not to put pictures of them on the blog, so I purposefully choose pictures that don't show their faces.


We'd like for the tradition to continue with YOU GUYS! You made me tear up with that comment.